Your Day Out: Charming village walk

Glaisdale, near Lealholm, is on the River Esk about nine miles south-west of Whitby. The river is crossed here by the Beggar’s Bridge erected in 1619 and related to a romantic story.

Butterbur can be seen erupting into flower on river banks and areas of wet earth.

Country Diary: Nature has cast her wand over the countryside

A dog is man’s best friend. However, over the past decade many peaceful, country walks have been ruined by unprovoked aggressive attacks by unleashed pets. Farmers have complained of sheep being chased or killed, and dog owners have themselves to blame if their pet is shot.

The Stiddy public house in Lythe.

Your Day Out: Lythe and its fascinating connections

There’s more to Lythe than one may imagine. Most motorists will know Lythe Bank – the long, steep hill climbing from Sandsend north of Whitby, to a church commanding extensive views over land and sea – but little more.

Beekeepers are now looking for queens in the hive.

Country Diary: Fragrant and magical scents of springtime

Again rejoicing nature sees, Her robe assume its vernal hues,

Extend your route slightly to enjoy the wonderful views from Raptor Viewpoint.

Your Day Out: Admire splendid views

This attractive route of 4.5 to 5 miles maximum, follows minor roads through Wykeham Forest, north of Sawdon. It provides excellent walking, being direct, and with firm footing throughout.

The song of the chiff chaff was heard on March 18 this year.

Country Diary: First summer songbird is an early bird

It’s arrived! Our first summer songbird, which arrived in our neighbourhood on March 18. Last year it was March 21. The chiff chaff derives its name from the rather monotonous song – “chiff chaff chaff chiff”, delivered from the bare branches of a tall tree. This tiny bird has brownish-olive upperparts and off-white underparts, with yellow tinged breast.

A view down the 14th fairway of Ganton Golf Club with St Nicholas Church in the distance.

Your Day Out: Rural charm of Ganton

Ganton lies between Malton and Filey. From the foot of the Wolds one can look beyond the Vale of Pickering to the northern moors. Perhaps Ganton is best known for its golf course, which ranks as one of the finest in the country. Ryder Cup matches have been played there. The turf is of such fine quality that it has been used to re-turf Wembley Stadium. There are tumuli on Ganton Wold to the south of the village, and an ancient earthwork in Ganton Dale, between Ganton and Foxholes.

Dogs Mercury grows on the edge of woodland and hedgerows.

Country Diary: Plant is named after Roman God

Happy birthday dear Tigga,

Admire the unusual roundabout the near the Dotterel Inn, it bears a sculpture of a tall, slim shepherd with his most realistic sheep.

Your Day Out: Circular springtime walk

Reighton is a small village on the east coast. Situated about five miles south by west of Filey, it has a Saxon and Norman church which some may wish to visit later.

A nuthatch descends a tree.

Country Diary: Buds unfold as lighter mornings greet the world

When spring’s divinest beauty spreads,

Glorious display of daffodils beside the River Dove in Farndale.

Your Day Out: Blooming fields of gold

In the heart of the North York Moors National Park is a scattered farming community renowned for its wild daffodils – Farndale.

Muscovy duck with snowy-white plummage.

Country Diary: Unusual bird discovered by the Spaniards

All along the backwater, Through the rushes tall,

Possibly Thornton-le-Dales most photographed thatched cottage at Beckside.

Your Day Out: Village full of charm

Take a steady drive by bus or private transport into the countryside. As spring draws near and leafy trees awake once more you’ll be surprised by the number of villages you discover, each with its own charm and story to tell.

Burton Riggs Nature Reserve.

Country Diary: Nature reserve is an oasis for wildlife

Burton Riggs is an interesting reserve created on the former Seamer Gravel Pits. In the early ’90s the site was leased to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Having re-colonised naturally, it’s now an important oasis for wildlife. Our arrival was to a chorus of early morning birdsong, and hazel bushes draped in ‘tassels’ of golden male catkins. Canada geese ‘trumpeted’, and across the lake fished a cormorant.

The Gypsey Race flows into the village of Kirby Grindalythe.

Your Day Out: A grand linear walk

Duggleby lies south-east of Malton and Norton, and is easily accessed along the B1248 via North Grimston. This route makes a grand linear walk, or can of course be used by your own private transport.


Country Diary: Regoice to hear increased sound of bird song

And the spring arose on the garden fair,

Stone cottages on Burniston High Street.

Your Day Out: Wave of welcome in village of Burniston

Burniston is a village about four miles north of Scarborough. Anyone approaching this village along Scalby Road from Scarborough will see a wave of welcome from The Three Jolly Sailors. Yes, this short, country walk starts from this popular public house.

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Weekly Walk - round Hutton Buscel, snowdrops in St Matthews Church graveyard

Country Diary: ‘Fair Maids of February’ are welcome sight

O’erjoyed to see the flowers that truly bring

Cottages lend a homely feeling in the village of Silpho.

Your Day Out: Brisk country lane walk

Step outdoors, and enjoy a good, brisk walk around country lanes linking the villages of Suffield, Silpho and Hackness. It’s a five and a half mile circular, keeping your feet dry during wet, wintry conditions, and providing stunning scenery.

A song thrush uses a stone as an anvil to break through the snails shell.

Country Diary: Joy to hear the song thrush – a breath of spring

Like tiny snowflakes, dancing up and down on invisible threads, a swarm of winter gnats surprised us near Johnson’s Pond, Burniston Road. Look for such swarms in your garden during fine afternoons this winter. They resemble small crane-flies.

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