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Do you REALLY still need Windows on your laptop?

WITH SO many of us using our phones for day-to-day computing, the market for larger devices - tablets, let alone laptops - has begun to decline. The absence of a new tablet in Google’s recently-announced Pixel range of devices speaks volumes.

Venturer's BravoWin and EliteWin 2-in-1 tablet laptops are top of the class

TECH TALK: Venturer BravoWin and EliteWin 2-in-1 tablet laptops are top of the class

Looking for a school or college 2-in-1 tablet laptop at an affordable price? We have the win win solution - the new Venturer BravoWin and EliteWin.
Xqisit iE200 Bluetooth in-earphones

TECH TALK: Xqisit iE200 Bluetooth in-earphones are sound choice

Apple's decision to lose the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus means that wireless Bluetooth earphones are the coolest new accessory and I'm recommending the Xqisit iE200.
Vofafone's Sure Signal is a mini mobile transmitter for your home.

Top tricks for using your mobile when there’s no signal

MOBILE phones are an indispensable part of modern life, even if we seldom use them for making actual phone calls. But as we all know, Britain - and the northern half of Yorkshire in particular - is a patchwork quilt of coverage, with more holes than the A64 after a wet winter.

Wireless headphones have been around for some time.

How to make your favourite old headphones work with the iPhone 7

Despite the addition of new features such as waterproofing, twin high-resolution cameras and a pressure-sensitive button, most of the fuss about the iPhone 7 has been about something that’s missing.

BT's Smart Hub router could be yours for nothing

How to haggle with your broadband supplier - and get a free upgrade

WE ALL know that a little light haggling with a mobile phone supplier is likely to procure us a better deal and a new handset - especially when the contract is nearly up. But it’s less well known that you can pull the same trick with your internet company.

Take a snipe at Ebay

Two ways to win on Ebay almost every time, at the lowest possible price

IF you’re in the habit of bargain hunting on Ebay, you’ll know how annoying it is to find yourself outbid a few seconds before an auction ends - especially when the price has held steady for the previous six days.

Panasonic made this TV themselves - but it's not the case with all brands

Never mind the badge on the front - who REALLY made your TV set?

Hello, Tosh, got a Toshiba? Actually, you may never know for sure, because even if you fell for that memorable sales pitch and bought a TV with Toshiba’s name on it, there’s no guarantee they actually made it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Worldwide recall on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 decision after phones catch fire

TECH giant Samsung is considering a recall of its new flagship Galaxy Note 7 devices amid reports that some of the premium phones are catching fire due to battery problems, said a Samsung source on Friday.

Streaming from Netflix comes as standard on many 4K TVs

Should you give in and buy a 4K TV? Yes - but don’t expect it to last

IT HAS taken less than nine months for the price of ultra high definition TVs to fall to the price of a regular sets. So is now a good time to buy one? Yes - but don’t set your expectations too high.

iPhone users warned over new iCloud scam

iPhone users warned over new iCloud scam

APPLE is warning its customers to be vigilant after a new scam targeting users by text was revealed.

New technology will allow Facebook users to upgrade their dull static profile pics to something more lively.

Facebook to introduce Harry Potter-style moving profile photos

Facebook users around the world can now add a literally all-singing and dancing extra layer of personalisation to their profile with the social network’s introduction of moving profile pictures.

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REVIEW: Silent Hill Downpour

THIS latest instalment of the franchise follows the story of convict Murphy Pendleton who is being transported to a secure facility – however the journey is interrupted when the prison bus dramatically crashes on the edge of town.


Mob horror sequel is a winner

Game: The Darkness II

Scene from Final Fantasy XIII-2

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Product overview:


Fun to play and highly entertaining

Saints Row: The Third.


Mafia II - Review

Eight years ago, the original Mafia game came out and left a great impression on many people. It was critically praised for its storytelling but it didn't reach the high level of popularity that Grand Theft Auto III received.
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