Actor Danny in Filey to make film on UFOs

AN ACTOR normally associated with Cockney hardmen and horror movie roles has filmed part of his latest documentary in the Scarborough area.

Danny Dyer spent time in July filming the BBC3 programme, called I Believe, in Filey with UFO investigator Russ Kellett.

The star has revealed that he had previously spotted an unidentified flying object and admitted that the experience freaked him out.

Mr Kellett said: "He was like somebody that I'd known for years. We all felt very comfortable around him and my sister said what a lovely lad he was. He came across exactly as he does in films – he was the same guy that I've watched in films and he was sat in my house."

He added that the actor had travelled as far as America to interview people for the documentary. "He came here and he saw our evidence. He came here and had a damn good time – that can only be good," he said.

Local investigator, and former pilot, Win Keech also took part in the making of the documentary. He recently was a guest speaker at Scarborough's first ever UFO conference and has filmed video footage of the formation of a crop circle in Wiltshire, possibly the only recorded evidence of such an event.

During the filming Mr Dyer heard about Mr Kellett's close encounter near Bradford in 1988 – where he saw strange red lights at a level crossing – and looked at video footage shot by local UFO investigators.

He added that the actor seemed genuinely interested in the subject. "We all went out to a location where we had videoed some of the UFOs. Danny seemed to be amazed that we filmed the object so close to us. It was a pleasure having him here."

Last week it was reported that Mr Dyer had an out-of-this-world experience while filming the new documentary.

He said: "I saw one, yeah. People think I'm a complete lunatic now but I did see something a bit mad. I went to America, to a hippie commune and had to get a bit spiritual. I went to meet some people who have been abducted and things like that, and they told me some really mad things. I think you have got to open your mind a little bit.

"I just want to believe that there are things out there. I did see something. It wasn't a plane, it wasn't a helicopter, it just looked like a massive star going across the sky. But it freaked me right out."

His previous TV documentaries have included The Real Football Factories and Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men.

And his film roles have included parts in films such as The Football Factory, Severance, Outlaw, Doghouse and Dead Man Running – where his co-star is rapper 50 Cent.

Mr Kellett added: "He has worked with 50 Cent and now he has been to Filey to work with 1!"