Bob is doing well after dog attack

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A 14-YEAR-OLD Border collie called Bob is hoping for a better year in 2011 after making a remarkable recovery from an horrific attack.

In October Bob was savaged by two pit-bull type dogs while out walking in Eastfield with owner Judith Terry.

Mrs Terry was also bitten in the attack, which took place near the substations off Cayton Low Road on the morning of October 19. It was reported in the Evening News the following day.

The pensioner, of High Street, Eastfield, also had her walking stick stolen during the incident and was left shaken and upset.

But both Mrs Terry and Bob are recovering well and looking ahead to the New Year.

She said: “Bob has done really well. The scars are there but his fur is growing back nicely.

“The attack damaged him inside and out. We don’t go out as often and he’s wary of other dogs.”

Mrs Terry added that Bob recently had his birthday and received presents and cards.

She said: “He can still run around with his toys! We’ve been very lucky - he’s actually coped better than me!

“He’s such a good dog and is the last one something like this should have happened to.”

When Bob was attacked he was rushed to Alma Vets in Alma Place for emergency surgery. He needed stitches to his head, neck and right-hand side and had to be given morphine.

Alma Vets have been looking after Bob ever since and have even paid him some home visits.

Mrs Terry said: “I would like to thank them so much - they have been absolutely wonderful. Everybody has been so good.”

She also thanked the police and community officers for all their support.

Mrs Terry added that she would be spoiling Bob over the festive period. She said: “I spoil him every day - but I’ll make sure he has a good Christmas this year.”

Vet Heather Westron, from Alma Vets, said that Bob has had to have a few operations since the attack.

She said: “Bob has done really well. He’s a remarkable dog and the fact that he’s such a nice dog has made him so easy to treat throughout.

“He has done remarkably well considering how horrible his injuries were and the fact that he’s an old dog.

“I also think that Mrs Terry’s determination in caring for him has made such a big difference.

“Bob really has been a pleasure to treat.”

A spokesman from North Yorkshire Police said that someone had been interviewed in connection with the incident, but no arrest or charges had been made. Anyone with information should call 0845 6060247.