Administration for bakery again?

Woodheads Westborough. 111332g.
Woodheads Westborough. 111332g.
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The new owner of Woodhead the Bakers is believed to have gone in to administration just over a year after taking over the firm.

During the weekend the Woodhead shop in Westborough displayed a notice in the window stating the business had gone in to administration.

The sign at Woodheads in Westborough today

The sign at Woodheads in Westborough today

The shop, along with two other Scarborough Woodhead outlets, was taken over by Bakery Products Ltd when Woodhead the Bakers went in to administration in March last year.

The firm also took over the running of the Beaconsfield Street factory, and eight other Woodhead shops across the region. It maintained the Woodhead name at many stores.

The deal, which coincided with Scarborough bakers Cooplands taking over the remaining 18 Woodhead shops, saw all 280 jobs saved at the bakers.

However it seems the workforce is facing turmoil once again as Bakery Products Ltd now appears to have hit hard times.

Woodhead in Westborough Closed

Woodhead in Westborough Closed

The sign in the Westborough shop window reads: “Sorry closed gone in to administration. Thanks for your custom.”

Bakery Products Ltd, based in the Midlands, is a susidiary of the Haldanes Retail Group owned by Scarborough-born entrepreneur Arthur Harris.

The news comes almost exactly a year after Mr Harris’ other company Haldanes Stores, which owned 26 shops and employed 600 people, went in to administration.

No one from Bakery Products Ltd or the Haldanes Retail Group was available for comment.

Updates to follow.

Are you a Bakery Products Ltd employee? Have you been affected by the shop closures? If so contact The Scarborough News newsdesk on 01723 383817 or email