Campaign to reduce sewer blockages

USE the trash - not the toilet!

That’s the message from Yorkshire Water bosses in a new campaign to stop its Scarborough sewer network being clogged up with rubbish.

The company issued the warning as it plans to spend £100 million during the next four years to cut sewer flooding into people’s homes.

Thousands of items, including nappies, wet wipes and cotton buds are removed from water treatment works everyday causing huge blockages.

The company has, in the past, also been called to remove items such as a trolley, a television, a kitchen sink, a prosthetic limb and even a live dog from its sewers.

Simeon Turner, sewer flooding project manager, appealed for people to think more about the potential damage the could be causing.

He said: “It’s really important that customers understand the impact that disposing of things incorrectly down their toilet and sink can have on their homes.

“It’s all too easy to get rid of items such as wipes and sanitary products by putting them down the loo.

“However, we want customers to think before they flush and remember that such actions can cause blockages in our sewers .

“These can, and do, lead to homes - including often their own - being flooded with raw sewage.

“That is a deeply unpleasant situation and one we want no customer to suffer.”