£10,000 cost of duo’s car-vandalism spree

Crescent Car vandalism.Holidaymaker Ian McNicol with his damaged vehicle.Picture Richard Ponter 123031a.
Crescent Car vandalism.Holidaymaker Ian McNicol with his damaged vehicle.Picture Richard Ponter 123031a.

Two Scarborough men who caused more than £10,000 worth of damage on a car-scratching spree have escaped a prison sentence.

Jack Daniel Brown, 18, of West Street, and Daniel Jonathon Pickford, 20, of Trafalgar Square, between them admitted to 39 acts of criminal damage.

The offences related to cars being scratched on July 26 and 27 and August 16 in areas including Esplanade, South Street and The Crescent.

Brown was charged with five counts, with 23 others taken in to consideration. Pickford faced three charges and eight related matters.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, told the court that a police investigation had been launched following complaints from the public about “considerable damage”.

Brown was identified on CCTV footage and was later 
arrested when a police officer spotted him in the street.

He then made admissions to police about who else had been involved.

Mr Butterworth said: “This was effectively wanton damage. There was no reason for it and it was a significant amount in any view.”

Caroline Wyatt, mitigating, said that her clients could not offer any excuse for what they had done.

She added that both men were of previous good character and had never been arrested before.

Miss Wyatt told the court: “They are deeply ashamed and sorry for the owners of the vehicles.

“All they can put it down to is drunken stupidity. They will now have these offences on their record – and they don’t make pleasant reading.”

She added that the defendants’ actions had caused a lot of distress and upset, with some of the victims being tourists who have vowed never to come back to the town.

Miss Wyatt said that although they were on benefits, both men were keen to pay compensation to the victims and both apologised for their actions.

She added: “This is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

On delivering sentence, chairman of the bench David Varley said: “These are horrendous offences of absolutely the worst sort of order.

“I hope you’re both thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.”

He ordered Brown to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work and pay £30 compensation per victim.

Pickford was sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work and told to pay £60 to each victim.

The court made no order for costs as priority was given to compensation, which will be paid over three years.

Following the verdict, one of the victims spoke to The Scarborough News to give their reaction.

Yvonne McNicol, of Glasgow, who was on holiday in Scarborough with husband Ian when their car got scratched in The Crescent, said: “I’m glad they’re being punished, they need to be taught right from wrong.

“The compensation won’t cover the damage, but it’s better than nothing.”

Mrs McNicol said when they discovered the damage on the last day of their holiday, it felt like they’d been “kicked in the shins”.

She said: “We’ve been to Scarborough lots of times and always had a fabulous time, but we won’t come back for a while now.”

The damage cost £1,000 to repair and left the couple with a £200 excess to pay on their insurance, with the likelihood of an increased premium next year.