Car crime spree man avoids jail

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A MAN who went on a car crime spree in Scarborough has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

David Hall, 41, was discovered sitting inside one of the vehicles he targeted by its owner in the early hours of the morning, Scarborough magistrates heard.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said Hall, along with an accomplice, had broken in to a Land Rover Defender in Beaconsfield Street on the night of June 27.

She added: “When the owner returned to the vehicle it was unlocked. The driver’s door lock had been forced and a spanner was found next to the driver’s seat.”

There was also evidence that attempts had been made to start the Land Rover and audio tapes and CDs had been stolen.

Later that night, Hall attempted to break in to a Honda Prelude which was parked in Springhill Road by forcing its door.

Then, at 3.20am, the owner of a Volkswagen Golf was woken by noises outside her home.

As the pair made off down the street, the car’s owner heard a clanking noise that she described as sounding like tools. A screwdriver was found in the car, and when Hall and his companion were arrested a short time later, a scaffolding pole and other tools were found in their possession.

Police later conclusively matched marks found on the Golf which the pair had been sitting in to the tools found on them.

The court was told that Hall already had a “substantial record” of dishonesty offences.

In mitigation, it was said that Hall had a history of drug and alcohol related issues.

Hall was given a five month prison sentence, which was suspended for 18 months, and was also ordered to undergo supervision with a drug rehabilitation order.