Police spring into action after man pinches joint of lamb

Mark and Spencers. 141816a
Mark and Spencers. 141816a
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Over the recent Easter bank holiday, many people were looking forward to tucking into a juicy joint of lamb.

And Scarborough man 
Leslie Leach was no different – although he decided he didn’t fancy paying for his.

The 61-year-old had been on a shopping trip to the Scarborough branch of Marks and Spencer just over a fortnight before Easter Sunday.

But ahead of the religious day, he broke one of the Ten Commandments by stealing the £11.29 slab of meat from the Newborough store.

Leach simply dropped the joint into his bag and tried to
exit the store.

However he “panicked” when he spotted the police on his way out, and swiftly did a U-turn to try to put the meat back on the shelf.

But it was too late, and Leach was arrested and brought before magistrates in Scarborough where he admitted the count of theft from a shop at the morning hearing on Thursday April 24.

And at the hearing, his solicitor Robert Vining even admitted the theft had been a “stupid bit of 
behaviour” by his client.

In mitigation, Mr Vining portrayed a picture of a man who was “depressed” and “isolated” after struggling to find employment.

“Here is a man who was in full-time work, a single man living on his own, who loses his job but is unable to find any more work.”

He added: “He does not know why he has done it and it was a stupid bit of behaviour.”

The court heard how Leach had “sunk into a depression” and that doctors were considering increasing his medication to help him tackle it.

The hearing also heard how once he was arrested, he had been “full and frank” in his co-operation with the police.

And besides a count of attempted theft in January, he had been out of trouble for around 20 years.

At the recommendation of the probation service, he was handed a 12-month community service order compromising supervision, and was ordered to pay £11.29 compensation.