Woman refused to give up search for ‘Bob’

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court
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A WOMAN has been handed a restraining order by Scarborough magistrates after they heard how she constantly knocked on a stranger’s door asking for a man named Bob.

Anthea Locker, 47, of Westbourne Road, Whitby, had been warned and cautioned by police, who even made her posters to stick up in her home reminding her not to knock on the woman’s door.

However, her bizarre behaviour continued, leading to her court appearance where she admitted harassment.

Steve Ovenden, prosecuting, said: “She was calling at her home at various times of the day, ringing her doorbell and asking for someone of the name of Bob.

“The calls have been going on for some time.”

The court heard that Locker’s victim had been distressed by the woman’s behaviour to such an extent that it was affecting her health.

Even after Locker was formally cautioned by police, she made a return call to the woman’s home at 1:30am on June 17.

“She looked up at the flat and said ‘have I got the wrong address again?’” Mr Ovenden said.

Locker made a similar call at 7am on July 1, saying: “Is he here or have I got the wrong house again?” after ringing the doorbell.

In a statement, the victim said she had been “mortified” by Locker’s behaviour but did not wish to see the woman punished. Police believe Locker has health and alcohol problems, the court heard.

“To assist with this memory difficulty, police gave her posters reminding her not to visit this home where the complainant lives,” Mr Ovenden said. “But the behaviour continued.”

Robert Vining, mitigating, said: “She refers to this man as her husband. He has left her and she doesn’t know where he has gone. She got some information and acted on it. It was obviously inaccurate.”

Locker was handed a 12 month conditional discharge for harassment, but given a two-year order forbidding her from going within 25 metres of the victim’s address.