Zero tolerance pub scheme

Pubwatch poster proof sm.jpg
Pubwatch poster proof sm.jpg

Publicans across Scarborough are joining forces to eliminate trouble causing revellers with the relaunch of the town’s Pubwatch scheme.

The initiative has been running in Scarborough for around eight years, but following the election of a new committee the group has been working towards a relaunch.

With a new poster, which is to be put up in member pubs across town, the group is keen to voice it’s “zero tolerance” to trouble warning.

Landlords and ladies of pubs and bars now meet once a month to discuss issues affecting the night time economy and environment in the town centre.

The scheme is run with support from Scarborough Police and Scarborough Council.

Sgt Rachel Wood, of Scarborough Police said: “It really is very much the members that are wanting to drive it forward, and we are supporting them with that.

“It is very important to have an effective pubwatch scheme running because it can have a positive affect on eliminating crime if all the premises are working together, identifying the trouble causers and agreeing collectively that they don’t want those trouble causers in their pubs.

“It is great that they are working together for the same aim. Im really excited to be involved in this scheme, and there’s a lot of positive ideas.”

As well a promoting Pubwatch the group is working on policies for children and dealing with fake I.D.

The newly elected chairwoman of the Pubwatch said: “Ultimately the idea is that we all work together to make Scarborough a safer place.

“Top of the agenda is getting the group together and informing the people that cause us trouble that we will make sure they won’t be allowed in the town centre.

“Rather than being separate businesses people have got to understand we are now working together, and will have a united front on a zero tolerance.”

Another committee member added: “Its getting the point out there that if someone causes trouble in the town centre that will be the last time they cause trouble in the town centre.”