Hull group chosen as Scarborough campus partner

Scarborough campus
Scarborough campus

The University of Hull has announced the Hull College Group is its preferred partner to take forward its Scarborough Campus site.

A spokesman for the university said that negotiations with the Group will now continue with the aim of finalising a decision, and ensuring a positive and smooth transition of the Scarborough Campus.

He said: “The University of Hull remains committed to job security and continuing to provide an excellent student experience.

“The decision has been taken following a lengthy period of consultation with interested institutions, Scarborough Borough Council, business leaders as well as staff, unions and students.

“A comprehensive assessment of a number of proposals was undertaken, mapped against the vision of a Scarborough-centric higher education institution previously set out by the University for its Scarborough Campus.

“The Hull College Group was selected as the preferred partner because it has a shared vision for the future of the Campus and a shared ambition for Scarborough as a university town.

“The higher education offer that the Hull College Group will bring to Scarborough includes foundation awards, Bachelors degrees as well as postgraduate provision, and resonates with local employment needs.

“These include programmes in engineering, construction, IT and business skills, the visitor economy and health.

“The group also has strong links with local employers in Scarborough and North Yorkshire.

“The University of Hull will develop a strategic partnership with the Hull College Group that will see the University validate degrees on the Scarborough Campus, and also maintain a presence there as a base for research as well as educational, economic, cultural and social engagement.

“The University of Hull’s partnership with the Hull College Group as the delivery partner on the Scarborough Campus ensures a viable and sustainable higher education offer in Scarborough whilst at the same time meeting the University’s ambitions and enabling it to continue its educational role there. The University of Hull is also sponsoring the University Technical College in Scarborough.

“The University looks forward to working with the business community and Scarborough Borough Council as well as current and potential further, higher and other education providers in the town.”

A joint bid between Scarborough Cuuncil and Coventry University has been snubbed.

Last year the university announced that it would start scaling back honours degrees at Scarborough before stopping the intake altogether in three years time.

Professor Glenn Burgess, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hull added: “We are excited about the prospect of working with the Hull College Group, and are encouraged by their vision for higher education in Scarborough.

!The University of Hull’s intended strategic partnership with the Group not only maintains our commitments to Scarborough and the Campus but also ensures that it remains a university campus, with all the added economic, cultural and social benefits that brings.”