Orchestra a big hit

norway band
norway band

A NORWEGIAN school orchestra can a-fjord to smile after impressing pupils and staff at Scarborough College.

After playing a concert in York Minster, the Byasen School Orchestra from the city of Trondheim performed for the staff and both junior and senior pupils.

Founded 30 years ago, the orchestra is one of four in the city and consists of two levels, junior and intermediate, who follow a tradition of the parents also learning to play instruments attending lessons alongside their children.

Arranged through educational organisation Club England, the orchestra’s visit was part of the long-standing annual international music festival in Scarborough and was co-ordinated through the College’s head of History and musician Richard Scott and Club England tutor Patrick Argent.

Presenting a wide repertoire, the orchestra played music inspired by outdoor play, a selection of Beatles melodies and which also included, an interpretation of heavy metal entitled “Heavy Metal Cello” by Trondheim composer K. A. Vestad that included participation by the audience as a finale.

Kristin Reigstad, conductor of the main orchestra, said: “We loved playing at Scarborough College, the best audience a school orchestra from Norway could wish for.”