Father wins reprieve in visa battle

Mano Harakuta and partner Nicola Beeby
Mano Harakuta and partner Nicola Beeby
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A SCARBOROUGH father threatened with deportation has been handed a dramatic lifeline.

Mano Harakuta faced being returned to his native Namibia after his visa expired due to passport complications.

However, Mr Harakuta, of Murchison Street, was yesterday handed a stay of execution by immigration officials who deferred his case and detained him in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, in Middlesex.

But the news means Mr Harakuta, a father of four young children, faces the heartbreak of missing out on a birthday party for son Kuba, four, and one-year-old Tyrese, while his future is thrashed out.

His relieved partner Nicola Beeby told the Evening News she was now desperately trying to engineer him a move to a detention centre in Doncaster, while an application for bail is made.

Ms Beeby said: “I have spoken with him and he feels a lot better and more positive and is actually taking it better than I am.

“We are relieved at what has happened but want to get him moved to help with the bail which could take around seven to 10 days.

“I’m very frustrated and just seem to be getting passed from pillar to post, I just want to sort it all out.

“The place where he is in is where people who have been in prison are taken to before they are returned to their country.

“He should not have been there but he has not complained about it at all.”

Mr Harakuta is also a biological father to three-year-old Taneka and baby Shakira and has been a dad to another child, nine-year-old Bryony, since she was 18 months-old.

His wife Kerry – who he remains on good terms with – last week said his situation had left everyone in turmoil, adding he was a real family man who had always worked and provided for his family.

Mr Harakuta’s ordeal began last week when he was detained by officers after arriving at Scarborough Police Station for his mandatory signing on requirement.

He legally entered the UK in 2004 and married Wakefield resident Kerry before starting a family.

However, the pair separated and his visa expired, leading to the start of deportation proceedings.