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PATIENTS, staff and visitors have been making their voices heard about Scarborough Hospital’s crackdown on parking.

PATIENTS, staff and visitors have been making their voices heard about Scarborough Hospital’s crackdown on parking.

Wardens gave out 25 £60 tickets on Tuesday, which was the first day of the enforcement system.

One of those hit was vascular surgeon Jesus Barandiaran, who was displaying a staff pass but had to park on the pavement as there were no spaces left.

A number of people have been in touch with the Evening News following yesterday’s report.

A Scarborough heart patient, who did not wish to give his name, said: “I was late out of an appointment yesterday and when I rang to complain, I was told I should have put more money in the meter.

“It is a worry - I’ve got a heart condition and shouldn’t be getting worked up.”

He added that the lack of spaces is also a major concern and says he can regularly drive round for half an hour looking for a space.

The man said: “They need to think about a multi-storey car park or pay on exit.”

One member of staff, who also wished to remain anonymous, questioned the fact that staff are paying for a car park pass up front out of their wages and arriving at work to find there are no spaces left.

She said: “What I want to know is what are we paying for? They’ve taken our money but what are we getting in return.”

Readers have also been leaving comments on our website. Crossgates View said: “They talk about improving the bus service, but the number 10 runs between the hospital and town, where practically no-one lives, so a bit of a pointless route.

“How about they run some services from the park and ride car parks? These could cover the two main visiting times, plus the peak staff going and coming peak times. That could shave a chunk off the parking pressure.”

Almawi said: “If they want us to park properly they need to build the proper facilities! No amount of policing this minuscule car park and dishing out stupid fines will alter this fact.”

A hospital spokesman has explained that the parking enforcement system has been introduced for safety reasons, due to improperly parked vehicles blocking buses, delivery lorries and ambulances.

He added that they understood that there is an issue with space and are working on a Travel Plan to address the problem.