Huge response to call for film extras

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FILMING of a new prison drama which is being shot on location in Scarborough had to be rescheduled following a medical emergency.

Screwed, which is a gritty Brit-flick based on the best-selling novel of the same name, started filming last week and is using the former Victorian prison in Dean Road as one of its main locations.

Filming had to be rescheduled at the last minute on Saturday after one of the crew members was suddenly taken ill – but filming continued as normal this week.

Dylan Kearney, the production’s assistant director, said: “One of the crew members fell ill and it was considered quite serious at the time but everything is OK now.

“We had to reschedule a whole day at the last minute. Otherwise everything else is going OK so far. We are having a fantastic time in Scarborough and the people are treating us really well.

“The local community is going out of its way to accommodate us and Scarborough is a fantastic place to be working.”

Earlier this month the Evening News published several appeals for film extras and the crew was inundated with volunteers.

Extras co-ordinator Johnny Lynch said he had never known such a response in the past and around 112 people had responded so far.

He added: “It reminded me why I got into the business in the first place. We are probably going to use about 90 per cent of them.

“If there’s anyone out there with a bit of acting ability they should get in contact. We are still looking to fill about four or five roles.”

A majority of the roles for extras are prisoners and Mr Lynch said he had around 20 “hero convicts” – extras who would be working throughout the production.

Simon Conroy, a 28-year-old magician and musician from Tennyson Avenue, responded to the Evening News appeal and is this week playing the role of a prison officer on the set in Dean Road.

He said it was a chance for people to see what goes on behind the scenes during filming. He added: “It’s a fantastic experience and I’d recommend anyone who gets the chance to do it.”

The film is being directed by Reg Traviss who has a number of successful films behind him – including Joy Division and Psychosis.

Officers from Scarborough Council helped in finding suitable locations for the film around the town.

People who are interested in the remaining unfilled roles should email a recent photo to