It's Spall over 'old big ed' – it is now

A SCARBOROUGH hotel will feature in a new film about former football manager and household name, Brian Clough.

Famous faces Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent and Timothy Spall have been filming at the Victoria Sea View Hotel in Queen's Parade over the last few days.

This is the second time Jim Broadbent has visited Scarborough to make a film.

He last appeared in Little Voice as club compere Mr Boo which was shot at the old Haven Holiday park in Filey Road.

The new film, “The Damned United” funded by Sony, the BBC and Screen Yorkshire, is being shot on a 5m budget in five weeks around Yorkshire.

Owner of the Victoria Sea View Hotel, Sally Pearcey, said: “It was very exciting to watch and the guests were very interested in what was happening too. Timothy Spall and Michael Sheen were filming in the bar area, for location shots out of the window. I had a chat with Malcolm Stoneway, star of “Watching”. We sat and had a cup of tea together. They were all dressed in 70s clothes and wearing sideburns and wigs."

She added: “They used around 70 sun loungers and chairs outside and had a lot of elderly people acting as extras on zimmer frames. Then when they shouted cut, they would all walk away. It was quite funny to watch really!”

The film has been adapted by Peter Morgan, the writer of The Queen, and directed by Tom Hooper.

It is the story of Brian Clough from 1968-1974 and focuses on his short time as manager of Leeds United.

Previously he had been extremely critical of the club and his appointment was unpopular, ending in a player’s revolt and his sacking after only 44 days.

The film concentrates on this period and his rivalry with Don Revie, the previous incumbent at Leeds and later manager of England.

Before moving to Leeds United, Clough had achieved considerable success at Derby County.

In the film, Scarborough doubles as Brighton in the 1970s – and filming of exterior streets in Queen’s Parade and Scalby Mills, combined with computer generated images aims to achieve this.

After filming in Scarborough, the crew were moving on to Saddleworth, Bradford and eventually Majorca.