Local Ghost Stories: Scarborough's Old Town is a haven for hauntings

Scarborough's Old Town has been a main area for ghost-sightings in the town. Reports from the past 300 years reveal mysterious and interesting ghoul-related happenings.

Apparently, every night, ghostly figures parade the streets of Church Stair St. and Spreight Lane in Scarborough. A strange old lady in the area used to walk about those streets. She was feared by all because she was said to live on the breath of sick children. More recently, the apparition of a woman has been seen at the Richard III house, now a restaurant.

In the grounds of St. Mary's church, many ghosts have been spotted. An unexplained moving shadow has been seen near the remains of the great east window.

Every year on April 24 (St. Mark's Eve), it is said that the forms of those who will die in the next year process into the church. However, it is not the best idea to fall asleep in the grounds on a St. Mark's vigil. Sleep apparently means certain death within a year. On that night in 1786, a Scarborough woman went to St Mary's, and recognised herself in the line of forms passing by. She saw her own ghost, before collapsing and dying.

You have been warned!

Story researched and written by school work-experience student Zachary Greaves.