Market hall to be transformed into a cinema

THE Market Hall in Scarborough will become a cinema for five hours tomorrow.

The building will be used by a group of film enthusiasts, artists and filmmakers.

The free event is called Cinemarché; a piece of franglais combining cinema and marché, the French word for market.

John Oxley, one of the organisers, hopes the programme will “amuse, move, inform, intrigue and entertain”.

“We hope the regular users of the Market will take some time to have a look at and enjoy these videos”, Mr Oxley says, adding that everyone is welcome to attend.

One of the 25 short films to be shown is The Futurist, by London artist Emily Richardson. Commissioned by Leeds arts agency Lumen, the film is a single 360-degree pan-shot of the theatre interior, filmed last year.

Cinemarché will run from 11am to 4pm.

It is supported by the council, Amnesty International, Lumen, Agency Art, Life, Society and Geodesic.