Mixed views on hotel wind turbine plans

crown spa
crown spa

PLANS to install 16 wind turbines on the roof of a Scarborough hotel have received a mixed reaction.

The Crown Spa Hotel in Esplanade, which has previously won awards for its green initiatives, says the units would help it reduce its running costs, while decreasing its energy consumption and CO2 output.

Managing director Richard Frank said the scheme would help the hotel’s bid to reach renewable energy targets, bringing economic benefits through securing jobs and visitors to the area, and help raise awareness of climate change and renewable energy.

Scarborough Council has received a number of letters from members of the public in support of the proposal.

David Michael Ward, of Esplanade, said: “The proposed triple blade wind turbines are not in my opinion going to be an eyesore and look little more than a modern roof mounted tv aerial.”

Ray Springall, of Westbourne Park, said: “These wind turbines should be low in visual impact, should run in conjunction with the Solar panels and water reclamation projects the hotel has running and encourage other people to Green Energy production - we should all benefit.”

Alana Wood, of Redcliffe Road, said: “A company such as the Crown Spa should be praised for their high levels of commitment to making the world a greener place.”

However, the Scarborough Civic Society is strongly objecting to the application.

A spokesman said: “We are all aware that such a proposal helps the environment and the carbon issues but there are correct places for such structures and a conservation area is not one. “Perhaps the owners of the Crown Spa could be assisted in getting expert design advice to devise a way in which they can pursue their green aims in a manner that does not compromise the integrity of the building and its surroundings.”

Mr S Allen, of Esplanade, added: “As an owner of a flat directly next door to the Crown I would object very strongly to the proposal for wind turbines as I fear they would look really unsightly and I would worry that there would be vibration from them that would be heard and felt in the adjoining properties, maybe not at first, but when the working parts of the fans start to wear or if they go out of balance. I am a believer in green technology but sometimes common sense should be adhered to.”