VIDEO: Smelly foreign ladybirds invade UK homes

Plagues of foreign ladybirds have been spotted in the UK as they seek shelter in warm houses.

16 dogs with a Hallowe’en costume better than yours

16 dogs with a Hallowe’en costume better than yours

Man’s best friend may have a rough time of it on November 5th, so why not at least give your pooch a fun Hallowe’en?

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There are some seriously spooky going-on across our district...

Mapped: Yorkshire's 50 most haunted

Is Yorkshire Britain's most haunted county?

The Olde Star inn Old Town Bridlington. A team of Ghost Busters investgate spooky goings on. Pictures by Paul Atkinson: NBFP PA1636-4f

Paranormal investigators film at Old Star Inn

Strange noises and light anomalies were some of the unexplainable phenomena that spooked staff and guests at the Old Star Inn.

The eBay auction has been pulled from the site, but many copy-cat versions are now online.

eBay ‘upside down’ fivers selling for silly money

Online auction site eBay is being flooded with listings for ‘upside down’ five pound notes - with some attracting bids of thousands of pounds.

Mark thompson, owner of the Green Dragon and waterfall.
Picture by Gerard Binks

For sale: Yorkshire Dales pub and waterfall where Kevin Costner bathed naked (watch the video)

When they bought it there were holes in the roof and every time it rained water cascaded down the walls.

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Richard Priestley

Yorkshire sailor to replicate historic voyage of Christopher Columbus

A brave sailor is organising a series of live music fundraisers as he prepares to cast off on the same perilous route taken by Christopher Columbus more than 500 years ago.

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The so-called super-fleas are far bigger than other species of the bug and have a penis two and a half times their body length

Fleas with massive penises could invade bedrooms this autumn in their millions

Bad news for anyone with a fear of bugs, billions of super-fleas with massive penises are being predicted to invade British bedrooms in the coming months.

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SHOWING NO MORE: Pat the Peacock, who lived in the picturesque village of Thimbleby, North Yorkshire but is feared to have been shot dead.

Yorkshire beauty-spot villagers fear Pat the Peacock has become victim of foul play

A North Yorkshire village is at the centre of a baffling whodunnit after a tame peacock was apparently shot in the dead of night.

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The science of hangovers (and why there’s no miracle cure)

The science of hangovers (and why there’s no miracle cure)

A bacon roll. A cold shower. An industrial amount of Irn-Bru or Lucozade. Everyone has an opinion on what the ultimate ‘hangover cure’ is.

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Brazilian wandering spider aka the Banana spider or Armed spider. Photo: Bananovyi_Pauk

World’s deadliest spiders found in ASDA bananas

Dozens of the world’s deadliest spider were found crawling out of a bunch of ASDA bananas, it has been claimed.

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The three-bedroom suburban house.

How would you fancy living in Harry Potter’s old house?

The house where boy wizard Harry Potter lived in a cupboard under the stairs is up for sale for £620,000.

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Is this another sighting of Nessie?

Is this the Loch Ness Monster?

A whisky warehouse worker has taken a picture of what could be one of the most convincing Loch Ness Monster sightings to date.

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How has your name performed since 1904?

Comeback kid or rising star? How has your name performed since 1904?

Names, love yours or hate it, we’ve all got one and now a new tool can reveal how popular our monikers have been over the past 110 years.
How to cope with spider season

How to cope with spider season

ARACHNOPHOBES everywhere recoil – for spider season is upon us.

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Tea Buyer Henry Boocock, sampling some of the teas.
Picture: James Hardisty.

Wanted: Trainee to travel the world and drink tea

IT’S a job many would die for: travelling the world working at the top of your game - and drinking as much tea as you could dream of.

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Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone

Scoop! I’ve made an ice cream cone out of a Yorkshire pudding

A PUDDING chef in New Zealand has created the first ice cream cone to be made out of a Yorkshire pudding.

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Weekend weather: Summer showers and fresh breezes as heatwave blows over

COOLER temperatures are on the way after a wave of thunderstorms and torrential downpours swept parts of Britain.

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Which is the most reliabale car manufacturer? BMW, Land Rover, Audi... or Skoda?

Which is the most reliabale car manufacturer? BMW, Land Rover, Audi... or Skoda?

Skoda is the most reliable car manufacturer in the UK, while premium brands such as BMW, Land Rover and Audi are among the least reliable.

Blakey Ridge

Video: Yorkshire home to one of Europe's greatest driving roads

After a year-long research and ranking process by a team that covered a total of 15,000 kilometres, it’s been revealed that Yorkshire is home to one of Europe’s greatest driving roads.

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