Opinion: It’s time to move on

The main thesis of Anthony Clavane’s book, A Yorkshire Tragedy, is that Yorkshire has declined as a powerhouse in sport in lock-step with the passing of traditional industries.

One of the bridges near the village of Preston-Under-Scar in Wensleydale which has had the old stone balustrades replaced with steel barriers. Picture by Dr David Brooks

Howard Croft column: Council’s disgraceful act of vandalism in Wensleydale

Retirement back to Yorkshire was a plan I conceived about thirty years ago and although there were times when I thought it might not become a reality, here I am. After ten years of retirement here my conviction that it was the right decision has not waivered.

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Jeremy Hunt is about to negotiate new contracts with hospital consultants.

Howard Croft column: Transparency in NHS needs to be universal

The proposal that hospital consultants should be compelled to reveal their earnings from treating private patients “as it will prove transparency” is very odd. It will not, of course, prove any such thing, but it may reveal vindictiveness. There are those who regard private medical practice as a repugnant wart on the pristine body of the NHS and morally questionable, but this will not satisfy them.

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, an injured girl lies on a bed as she gets treatment in a hospital in the southern city of Daraa, Syria, on Tuesday. Rebels fired rockets at government-held areas. One hit a primary school, killing six people among them five children and wounding 18 students, according to state-run news agency SANA. It said some of the wounded are in a serious condition

Mary Creagh: We cannot wash our hands of the Syrian people’s ordeal

I VISITED Lebanon last September and saw at first-hand the scale of the appalling humanitarian crisis spilling out from Syria and across the Middle East.

There could be extra flights between Leeds Bradford Airport and Heathrow if a third runway is built at London's main airport.

Tom Richmond: Trains or planes, we need links that mean business

THE promise of extra flights between Leeds Bradford Airport and Heathrow needs to be placed in a wider political context.

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Kiwi skipper Matty Jones scored a try in his first game back at the club at Yarnbury. He makes his return to Silver Royd tomorrow against Acklam.

From The Touchline: Rock-bottom Acklam eyeing first win

Acklam travel south to Silver Royd tomorrow looking for their first win on the road this season.

Steve Kittrick's weekly column

KITTRICK'S COMMENT: Shaw Lane trip will be big test

There’ll be a few familiar faces on show when we travel to Shaw Lane in the FA Trophy on Saturday.
Matt Conner's Golf Tips

MATT CONNER'S GOLF TIPS: Be careful not to exaggerate

I was going to write about Europe’s performance in the Ryder Cup against America last weekend and what you could learn from the event.

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Church of St Edmund, Southwold.

Howard Croft column: Calm and civility enjoyed on two-day Suffolk break

Mrs Croft and I decided to take a bit of a holiday, which is unusual for us because we’re not very good at taking holidays and have form for returning home early, sometimes very early. It is generally assumed among our friends that my impatience and irascibility are behind this, but when I tell you that Mrs Croft’s parents had such a history of bolting early from hotels that they invented a word for it – puntilating – you may want to consider the possibility of locating the problem elsewhere.

Kim Kardashian.

Catherine Scott: Would you chose Cleopatra or Kim Kardashian West as a role model for your daughter?

So who would you have as a role model for your daughter? Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey or Cleopatra?

Scarborough Council has recently issued a Dangerous Wild Animal Licence to a collector who has an American alligator.

Howard Croft column: Time to tax anyone with their own pet monkey

I was surprised to read in this newspaper that North Yorkshire is a “hot spot” for concerned citizens making calls to the RSPCA about the welfare of primates being held in private hands. Keeping monkeys as pets was not particularly unusual during my childhood in Hull – another hotspot, perhaps. A local lady went about her business always with one on her shoulder, much to the delight of local children. She was known among us as the Monkey Lady, not an especially witty nomen, but we are talking Hull here.

Sir Humphrey Appleby, right, played by Nigel Hawthorne, and Prime Minister Jim Hacker, played by Paul Eddington, in a scene from the classic BBC comedy series Yes, Prime Minister.

Great public distraction

The news that the government is considering introducing grammar schools for all has prompted Mike Tilling to write an opinion piece this week in the format of a possible script for the classic TV series Yes, Prime Minister.

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One reader says they arent interested in what happens to Bake-Off and its stars Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (pictured)

Catherine Scott: Will you be watching Bake Off on Channel 4 ?

The Great British Bake Off is an institution in our house. It is one of those few occasions, like the Olympics, when we all sit down as a family and watch the successes and the disasters that befall the amateur bakers.

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View form the Zoo: Course gives taste of life as a zoo keeper

Here at Flamingo Land we offer a keeper academy course that allows 15-17 year olds to obtain practical experience with animals and find out what it’s like to be a zoo keeper. Practical experience is an absolute necessity for anyone wishing to pursue a career with animals and this can often be difficult to obtain. 

Passengers continue to be taken for a ride on overcrowded and late-running trains.

Tom Richmond: A fare deal on trains means ticket prices linked to reliability

GIVEN that Britain now has a Government which is committed to working in the interests of all – and not just a privileged few – how about Ministers living up to this mantra and getting the railways back on track?

Ed Balls on the Strictly Come Dancing red carpet.

Tom Richmond: How Ed Balls bravely gives voice to struggle with stammer

IT is often the case that politicians are far more candid when they have left office and have a book to sell, and Ed Balls looks set to continue this trend with his memoir Speaking Out.

What will Brexit mean for Yorkshire's cheese industry?

Tim Farron: Farmers left in limbo by lack of Brexit strategy

WHATEVER side of the argument you were on over Brexit, one thing is now beyond argument: the Government had no Brexit plan.

The Welcome to Yorkshire Scarborough Festival - one reason for the rise in staycations along Yorkshire's coast.

Andrew Vine: Sunny outlook as seaside’s old image is washed away

THERE was one unmistakeable conclusion to be drawn from the crowds thronging Whitby last week.

Fremington Edge, looking from Grinton Moor in Swaledale

Greg Wright: A failure to invest in rail is betrayal of rural businesses

THERE’S a vibrant business community beyond our major towns and cities.

The views of Bryan Hughes

We will stand up and fight in this battle

We have to realise that as a club we are in a battle at the moment.
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