Opinion: Leaving EU is a risk to jobs and funds

Boris Johnson is backing the Vote Leave campaign.
Boris Johnson is backing the Vote Leave campaign.
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Should I stay or should I go? by The Clash would be the perfect sound track for June 23, but determining who are the good guys and who are the bad may prove impossible.

Shades of grey predominate on both sides. No-one canne predict with confidence how things will pan out afterwards. Belief is that it will take about seven years to rebalance and renegotiate in the event of Brexit.

Prime Minister David Cameron hopes the UK will stay with the EU.

Prime Minister David Cameron hopes the UK will stay with the EU.

Nigel tells us that Brexit is the only way to curb immigration, but I doubt that.

France has indicated that it will scrap holding camps in the channel ports if Britain leaves. Perhaps people traffickers could then switch from the Med to the Channel to fill the vacuum!

According to UKIP-while-we-takeover, EU membership costs us £54m a day but, in fact, it’s less than half of that and, of course, we do get something for our money; something like three million jobs and although all of these will not disappear, many will.

Then there are the 1.5m Brits who live and work in Europe.

Don’t expect to enjoy a cheap, trouble-free holiday in Europe anymore, an easy clearance through customs or your UK driving licence to be waved through. Those days will be over.

Firms like Toyota use the UK as a bridgehead into Europe, investing in places like Sunderland. They will think twice when the tariff advantages disappear.

The EU is committed to a greener world so there’s a direct impact on wind farms off the East coast. The EU provides an investment Hull and Scarborough need.

If we vote for out, David Cameron’s days are numbered. You may not consider that a great loss but Boris the Bozo is next in line. For me that alone is sufficient reason to remain in Europe!