Opinion: Only option is to exit

Prime Minister David Cameron hopes the UK will stay with the EU.
Prime Minister David Cameron hopes the UK will stay with the EU.
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Brexit, a new word which has been created to describe Britain leaving the European Union.

I’m pretty sure people are getting heartily sickened already by the arguments. My own view is to leave, although fully acknowledging we could have a few difficult years until new trade agreements are negotiated.

Boris Johnson is backing the Vote Leave campaign.

Boris Johnson is backing the Vote Leave campaign.

However, let’s look at it at a purely local level. The change from a trading common market to an unelected European Parliament has had a disastrous effect on one of our industries, fishing. In Scarborough, fishing, tourism and agriculture are our main industries. The common Fishing Policy introduced in 1970 (CFP) was a major disaster.

It has seen the wasteful discarding of fish, resulting in the collapse of this industry and the communities that earned a living from it. The United Nations Law of the Sea states: “The exclusive economic zone shall not extend beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines.”

And yet Britain’s fishing rights have now been reduced by the EU to only 12 miles!

Agriculture suffers from EU rules, like the three crop rule which dictates all but the smallest farms must grow at least three different crops, ‘in order to encourage diversity’.

Liz Truss, the environment secretary, has stated the EU has serious costs for Britain’s farming. Plus there is our loss of sovereignty. Laws made by unelected bureaucrats who answer to no one in the UK and extract £15bn from us each year. And the dreadful migrant crisis blighting Europe; Belgium has shown us the dangers of this recently. Unless we gain proper control of our own borders we are powerless to stem the numbers coming in, immigrants with an alien culture to our own. Our only option is to leave the EU.