Poster’s big price

A RARE 1930 Scarborough railway poster sold for £2,125 at an auction.

The 40in by 50in poster showing a couple in a speedboat off the Scarborough coast turned out to be the most valuable of the four North Yorkshire railway posters in the sale at Christie’s South Kensington in London.

Before the auction, the Scarborough poster by Bradford-born artist Frank Newbould had been expected to sell for between £1,500 and £2,000.

Another Scarborough poster by Frank Newbould – a view from the castle and produced in 1924 – sold for £1,000.

A 1932 Bridlington poster by Tom Purvis featuring a young mother in white paddling with her child in green bathing costume and yellow sun hat sold for £1,875, while a 1935 poster by Frank Newbould and emblazoned with the words ‘Bridlington, It’s Quicker By Rail’ fetched £1,375.

A third Bridlington poster by Fred Taylor failed to sell.

All four posters were produced for the London and North Eastern Railway, the second largest of the four major railway companies in business from 1923 until nationalisation in 1948, when it became part of British Railways.