Scarborough Marine Drive memories: ADD YOUR MEMORIES

A SCARBOROUGH woman has unearthed her own piece of history to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Marine Drive.

Gillian Goodwin, of Esplanade, brought out a metal plaque which had been hiding away in a cupboard after she read about the centenary celebrations.

The 68-year-old retired teacher said: "The sign must have been on one of the stops for the old tramways. It was my father's but I'm not sure where he got it from.

"It's a lovely thing but it's a shame that it's in poor condition, but I suppose that proves that it is original."

The heavy double-sided sign had previously been displayed in Mrs Goodwin's hallway, but she decided to put it away for safe keeping.

She added that Marine Drive has been a big part of her family's life throughout the generations.

She said: "I lived on Scalby Road as a child and every Sunday we walked from home, round the Drive and back again. There were normally lots of people fishing – there was always something to see.

"When my children were small I would walk them round the Drive in all weathers!"

However, historical records show that this sign might never have been used as intended.

When Scarborough's tram system was being planned, it was intended that tram lines would be laid along Marine Drive, but when the tram service began in 1904, Marine Drive had not been completed.

By the time it was finished, the tramways company could not afford the cost of extending the system. Services along Foreshore Road and Sandside terminated near the toll house.

Marine Drive was the first ever marine carriage drive in the country and was one of the most ambitious projects in the town's transformation into a modern seaside resort.

A Royal opening ceremony was performed on August 5 1908 by one of Queen Victoria's sons – Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught, who was accompanied by his wife and their daughter Princess Patricia.