Tapping abseilers scale the car park - Watch the short video

PASSERS-BY were given a surprise yesterday morning when they witnessed three men abseiling down the walls of a Scarborough car park.

A spokesman for the NCP car park said the intrepid trio were carrying out structural tests on the local landmark.

NCP car park  112794  Picture by Richard Ponter.

NCP car park 112794 Picture by Richard Ponter.

They used hammers to tap the exterior panels.

The car park in Aberdeen Terrace has experienced an upturn in users recently following its decision to introduce an early bird parking offer for customers who arrive before 9am.

When the car park was built in 1974 it was one of the most-watched construction projects ever in Scarborough. The vertical columns were erected first, then the re-inforced concrete floors were cast around the bases. Petrol was 34p a gallon at the time.

Do you remember the car park being built, or what was on the site previously?

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tapping abseilers