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Letter: Thank you for the response

I am writing to thank The Scarborough News and its readers for helping me find a ‘misplaced’ friend of my parents.

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How peaceful is a protest when a company is driven to surrender its business contracts?

Letter: Nothing peaceful about fracking protest

In Lancashire, Cuadrilla has commenced construction of a well pad for shale gas exploration.

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It would be nice to save some of the building and convert to a new cafe.

Letter: A cafe would offer a welcome break

Re the Albert Drive cafe, Scarborough:

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There is a dearth of talent at present in the entertainment industry.

Letter: There is not enough talent to fill Futurist theatre

There has been quite a furore in the paper recently about the Futurist theatre. In my opinion they may as well demolish it, but if it was retained as a theatre who is there around to fill it?

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Public have no confidence in this council.

Letter: People have no confidence in councillors

How long do the people of Scarborough go on putting up with its council?

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New national campaign has caught over 8,000 motorists.

Letter: Careless talk from motorists could cost lives

This new national campaign by the police has, in just seven days, caught over 8,000 motorists using their handheld mobiles, before the new charges come into force on March 1.

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Searching for missing army pal.

Letter: Looking for missing army pal of 60 years

My name is Larry Tolar and I am writing to enlist your readers’ help in my locating a very dear friend that I met while in Germany (circa 1958) while doing some exchanges with the British Army on the Rhine. We stayed in contact many years.

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Road sign is a disgrace.

Letter: Worn out road sign near new nursing home

Re poor signage around Scarborough:

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Time to remove unnecessary road signs.

Letter: Unnecessary road signs need attention

Re The Scarborough News call regarding broken, mis-placed and out of date road signs, I couldn’t agree more.

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Damaged road sign on Musham Bank roundabout, Scarborough.

Letter: Sign confusion at Musham Bank roundabout

I would like to add to the previous comments on calls backing the campaign to improve highway signage (and specifically regarding the Musham Bank signs), as for several years I have been regularly bothered by motorists who have apparently taken the wrong turn off at that roundabout...then realising their mistake and finding themselves heading wrongly towards Crossgates and Seamer instead of Scarborough, and seeking the first opportunity to turn around, they take the first left into Byward Drive - and then swing into my driveway (at house number one), in order to reverse out and return to the roundabout where there is (at the time of writing) a somewhat lop-sided sign for vehicles going to Scarborough and coming from this direction.

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Refreshing to see plan for town centre cinema.

Letter: Is cinema plan start of town centre regeneration?

Re town centre cinema proposal:

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Potential to be sixth largest theatre in country.

Letter: Futurist site’s potential to be the ‘sixth’ largest theatre

Re some of the points in David Chance’s Futurist letter:

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Fracking protesters have exhausted all routes.

Letter: Fracking protesters will only slow down the inevitable

Frack Free Ryedale and Friends of the Earth have now exhausted all legal routes to oppose the approval for the test frack at Kirby Misperton.

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Fracking report buried

Letter: Security of food and water ‘at risk’

The government has tried to bury a report listing threat to food security as a key concern as climate change and extreme weather affects us all. In our area, INEOS, which wishes to frack Ryedale, fail to draw attention to the news that last month they took over Moorland Energy, which has a licence to extract oil and gas across a swathe of the southern end of the North York Moors.

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Attendance of members has been extremely poor, just 46%.

Letter: Poor turnout of MP’s group is a waste of time

In February 2016 Kevin Hollinrake MP resigns from one All Party Parliamentary Group on fracking only to set up his own All Party Parliamentary Group on shale gas.

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How long will it take for new paving to be marred by those who spit out their chewing gum and foul the area.

Letter: Keep town centre free of ‘gum disease’

The newly-paved town centre in Scarborough will be a great improvement.

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We still need the likes of the former St Thomas and St Marys hospitals to convalesce.

Letter: Convalescing for goodness sake is needed

There is no point providing more nurses and cash into the NHS if there are no beds available for patients.

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The toilets serve people from that end of the beach, including surfers and swimming clubs, people parking between North and South Bay.

Letter: Toilets must be kept on the site

I am writing re the closure of the toilets on Royal Albert Drive.

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The dearth of public facility provision is discriminatory for so many in society.

Letter: Disgraceful lack of public facilities in Scarborough

I fail to understand the lack of comprehension by Scarborough Borough Council on the need for public toilets.

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Why has the fire service brought these vehicles into use instead of a proper fire appliance?

Letter: Tax not down, why the cuts?

The story of the Scarborough firefighters refusing to man a vehicle that required more personnel is a symptom of the cuts in public services that are putting lives at risk.

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