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Letter: Market Hall is looking good but needs more shoppers

Re the ceremony to officially open Scarborough Market after refurbishment:

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A homage to the staff at Scarborough Hospital.

Letter: Hospital staff at Scarborough deserve praise

After sitting and observing for many hours in Scarborough hospital, I wrote these few word as my father was waiting to be discharged as a homage to the staff who were all without exception extremely kind and humane.
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The arrival of the shale gas fracking industry in the north of England has put paid to a relaxing retirement.

Letter: We continue to fight against fracking plans

When I retired almost 10 years ago I was looking forward to a quiet, relaxing life.

Editor's views echoed my own on the subject.

Letter: Plea for better public loos and not fewer

It was pleasing to see the editor’s Comment discussing the absolute need for public facilities featured on page two of last week’s Scarborough News.

If tourists cant find any public conveniences they will stop coming.

Letter: Shame on public convenience decisions by councillors

Scarborough is an extremely popular tourist resort and visitors bring a large amount of revenue to the town and surrounding areas.

Fond memories of Marie Belfitt.

Letter: Fond memories of Marie Belfitt - a clever and kind lady

I remember with pleasure going on theatre and history trips with my sister and friends that were superbly organised by Marie.

I was greatly surprised at the care I received.

Letter: Clean wards and caring, attentive staff

Last month I was admitted to Scarborough Hospital as an emergency.
Shocked at social care increase.

Letter: Steep increase on council tax bill for social care

The North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council council tax demands for the 2017/18 year started this week.

Total lack of action from North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department on several traffic related issues in Helmsley.

Letter: Traffic chaos in Helmsley needs better attention

I write to express my concern at the total lack of action from North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department on several traffic related issues in Helmsley.

Two solutions to solve Seamer Road park and ride under use would cost money.

Letter: Solutions to ease congestion would be costly

The Park and Ride figures show that Filey Road outperforms Seamer Road each year, even though the largest volume of traffic into Scarborough probably uses Seamer Road.

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New properties should include broadband.

Letter: New properties should include fast broadband

I thought it was worth a discussion on how the new estate being built near Eastfield doesn’t have broadband fibre.

Parking ticket leaves me with filled with sadness after last visit to Scarborough.

Letters: Special visit was marred

I live in Cumbria but spent all my summer holidays growing up in Scarborough. I have many happy memories of the place and have revisited many times since my childhood.

Contents of lost basket were to help canines.

Letters: Contents of lost basket were to help canines

On Sunday March 26, while visiting Scarborough, I inadvertently left a basket on Belmont Road, outside the Esplanade Hotel.

The draconian cuts to schools budgets are totally unnecessary.

Letters: School cuts are unnecessary

The draconian cuts to schools budgets are totally unnecessary and are being driven by a combination of government policy and misinformation.

What were the council and their contractors thinking of when they embarked on this project?

Letter: More planning was needed in town centre

Last week I had the misfortune of having to go to work. Not that I dislike my job, in fact I enjoy it, but the fact was that I had to get to work.

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EU citizens living in the UK are worried over Brexit.

Letter: Scarboro’s hard-working incomers

I am an Italian citizen who has lived in the UK since 2013, and I am writing this letter to focus your attention on the importance of European citizens’ rights being guaranteed in future on the same basis as we have now.

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Visitors and residents are in danger as they travel along one of Scarboroughs best known walks, towards Scalby Mills.

Letter: Missing railing poses a danger

Serious injury may await either a young child or an adult, by Scarborough council’s lack of general maintenance.

If most British people were suffering why was this not reflected at the ballot-box?

Letter: Government’s policies voted for by majority

It seemed rather odd for Cllr Broadbent to write that “most of the country is still suffering from the enforced austerity cuts introduced by the Conservative government.”

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Trying to contact an old friend.

Letter: Looking for my old friend

Having tried just about every avenue I’m hoping your newspaper may be able to help me find an old friend.

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The Ryedale Community Care Team are an invaluable, essential asset to the community.

Letter: Care team at Malton hospital are an invaluable asset to us all

To avoid remaining in hospital following a stroke my husband was discharged from Scarborough Hospital with a care package in place.

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