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Letter: My wife is still suffering from our ordeal

My wife and I were in Scarborough town centre when an incident occurred involving us both.

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Disappointment that wisdom has not prevailed concerning the future of the Futurist theatre.

Letter: Removal of asbestos poses extra issues

Re the front page headline RIP Futurist: Now new era:

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Council needs to update residents on important issues.

Letter: Where is the council communication on things?

The controversy regarding the Futurist has focused Scarborough residents considerably over recent months.

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Auto 66 Club event at Royal Hotel was a great success.

Letter: Scarborough’s racing is a great ‘success story’

I would be most grateful if you could publish my sincere thanks and congratulations to all concerned for the superb Auto 66 Club weekend of events at the Royal Hotel - a much-needed treat to brighten the bleak midwinter between racing seasons.

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Fears for town of Pocklington.

Letter: Councillors must work together for sake of Pocklington

I fear for the future of my beloved home town of Pocklington, which appears to be heading for more disharmony among its elected representatives.

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Helpful service at railway station.

Letter: Railway Station’s new helpful service

I want to comment on the new left luggage service offered close to the station on the row of station stops.

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NHS treatment was excellent.

Letter: Grateful for NHS services

For most of my life my heart and I have been on good terms. It has faithfully pumped its way through life’s journey without complaint or incident. A few days before Christmas it ruined its reputation having suddenly realised I’d just had a 79th birthday. Sitting in front of a troublesome computer one day, my heart decided to remind me of my age by starting a 100m sprint all on its own, leaving me feeling light-headed and decidedly unwell.

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Teenagers cause distress to elderly couple.

Letter: Teenagers cause upset in Vernon Road

Were you one of the lively teenagers kicking a big Coke bottle about in the street at the top of Vernon Road, near Wackers Fish and Chip Restaurant in Scarborough, on Tuesday December 27, at about 11.45am?

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What is the cause of the pollution in South Bay?

Letter: What is the real cost of water pollution?

Who and what has polluted the South Bay, and is our money been wisely spent?

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Bramcote School

Letter: Former school represents our town’s heritage

Re Should Bramcote School be demolished? The short and straight forward answer to the question is no.

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Historic buildings are the Town's legacy.

Letter: Town’s historic buildings are its legacy

Tom Pindar dons his Renaissance cap but fails to see it when it is happening. He suggests a love of old buildings is not a reason for keeping them.

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Closeness of Futurist vote should make Scarborough Council stop and think.

Letter: It wasn’t about politics

Never too late to prevent a big mistake.

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Was demolition a 'done deal'?

Letter: Was demolition of Futurist site already determined?

I was at the public meeting at the YMCA last week chaired by Cllr Janet Jefferson and attended by some council members and several hundred residents.

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Thank you for support.

Letter: Support for Futurist was far and wide ... and free

Firstly, thank you to the residents of the Borough of Scarborough for giving and showing their support to the Save the Futurist Campaign, by not only attending the full council meeting on Monday, but by attending other public meetings, supporting the People’s Petition, business case of March 2016 (which took two years to produce) and business plan submitted to the council on January 5 which, whilst requesting a stay of execution, detailed how they would progress the formation of a trust through Coast and Vale Community Action, carry out a current viability study for the running of the theatre and through sponsorship in the form of free help from tradesman throughout the construction industry both locally and nationally, which included the removal of the exterior cladding, restoration of the original façade and much needed work to the roof, voluntary help from the community, together with the raising of funds by a unique share scheme devised by a local businessman.

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Keep safe and secure in 2017.

Letter: Wishing you all a safe and secure 2017

2016 was a very good year in which we have worked effectively with our partners to improve the quality of life for people in our communities.

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Fracking campaigners exercise double standards.

Letter: Fracking campaigners exercise double standards

Have you ever noticed how opponents of shale gas and fracking demand that the industry behaves transparently and in compliance with all known rules, but then seem to think that the same standards don’t apply to them and their actions?

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Valid points over Futurist debate.

Letter: Good old days are gone

Re the Futurist and letter ‘Time to face costly reality of saving theatre’:

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Council leadership is simply not listening to the wishes of the people.

Letter: Council leadership’s disregard for opinion

I have known Cllr Bastiman for a number of years but he seems to have had a personality transplant and become somewhat of a megalomaniac.

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Its time to stop dreaming dreams and hoping someone else will pay for your pleasure.

Letter: Time to face costly reality of saving theatre

A Futurist replacement needs to be special:

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Unimaginative eyesores have now taken the place of most of Scarboroughs lost heritage.

Letter: We want pride and gems not more concrete

I am writing with regard to the Futurist theatre and plans of Scarborough Council to demolish it. I often wonder how many proud Scarborians such as myself would love to be able to turn back the clock to a few weeks before The Pavilion Hotel was demolished?

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