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Letter: Government’s policies voted for by majority

It seemed rather odd for Cllr Broadbent to write that “most of the country is still suffering from the enforced austerity cuts introduced by the Conservative government.”

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Trying to contact an old friend.

Letter: Looking for my old friend

Having tried just about every avenue I’m hoping your newspaper may be able to help me find an old friend.

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The Ryedale Community Care Team are an invaluable, essential asset to the community.

Letter: Care team at Malton hospital are an invaluable asset to us all

To avoid remaining in hospital following a stroke my husband was discharged from Scarborough Hospital with a care package in place.

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One of my objectives, should I get elected, will be to sour the trough that councillors have their noses in.

Letter: Allowance claims by councillors

I write in response to Cllr Broadbent’s letter published in The Scarborough News (March 9), regarding the increase in North Yorkshire County Council councillor allowances.

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Does anyone in authority consider the existing hotels and guest houses in the area?

Letter: Premier Inn proposal could affect existing businesses

Does anyone in this town who has the authority to give permission for Premier Inns to build an 84 room hotel on Burniston Road consider the existing hotels and guest houses in the area?
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Lack of respect to the support acts.

Letter: Recall Cannon and Ball?

Re Scarborough Futurist memories: Must have been the early/mid 1980s when I saw Cannon and Ball at the Futurist.

It is perfectly possible for a transgender female, who identifies as male to be pregnant, either though choice or violation.

Letter: Pregnant ‘men’ is now a probability

Re Mike Tilling’s opinion article ‘Have you ever seen a pregnant man?’.

Labour county councillors voted not to accept an increase of 2.5% increase in their allowances.

Letter: Voting for rise in allowance is wrong

Labour county councillors did not vote to up their expenses.

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I feel privileged to have known Barbara in my lifetime.

Letter: An excellent midwife and good friend

I was deeply saddened to read of the passing of Sister Barbara Baker, she was an excellent midwife and will be deeply missed by many.

Poor signage is an issue and we have to place ourselves in the position of a visitor who might require directions to facilities or amenities.

Letter: Lack of basic directions is a serious issue

I am pleased that the issue of poor road signage has been highlighted in The Scarborough News, and that North Yorkshire County Council will start to take action to address this issue in the spring.
No confidence vote is not a stunt with no substance.

Letter: Why vote of No confidence is very serious

Whitby Town Council and Filey Town Council have both passed motions of No confidence in the leader and the cabinet of Scarborough Borough Council.

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Statement to the full council meeting was incorrect.

Letter: Futurist - facts and statistics

During the full council meeting on January 9 (item 8b), in her first statement Cllr Helen Mallory said: “It is only right to inform you that during the past 20 years we have paid subsidies to the operators of the Futurist theatre in the region of £1.6m.
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No justification for blue lights?

Letter: Flashing police lights ... but no justifcation?

Even though Scarborough has a low crime rate, it is not that uncommon to witness police cars travelling at high speed to something or other. I suspect it is normally traffic incidents.

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Not happy with current council.

Letter: Need for fresh approach to thinking

As a Scarborian I am not happy with the council we have now.

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Thank you to The Scarborough News and its readers for helping me find a misplaced friend of my parents.

Letter: Thank you for the response

I am writing to thank The Scarborough News and its readers for helping me find a ‘misplaced’ friend of my parents.

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How peaceful is a protest when a company is driven to surrender its business contracts?

Letter: Nothing peaceful about fracking protest

In Lancashire, Cuadrilla has commenced construction of a well pad for shale gas exploration.

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It would be nice to save some of the building and convert to a new cafe.

Letter: A cafe would offer a welcome break

Re the Albert Drive cafe, Scarborough:

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There is a dearth of talent at present in the entertainment industry.

Letter: There is not enough talent to fill Futurist theatre

There has been quite a furore in the paper recently about the Futurist theatre. In my opinion they may as well demolish it, but if it was retained as a theatre who is there around to fill it?

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Public have no confidence in this council.

Letter: People have no confidence in councillors

How long do the people of Scarborough go on putting up with its council?

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