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Letters – GoldWings event

Thank you for the kind comments I’ve received already about the Scarborough GoldWing Light Parade. Although event manager Janet Houseman and I might steer it in the right direction, we couldn’t stage it without a lot of assistance.

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Mystery of boat plane in harbour solved.

Letter: Harbour plane mystery solved

My grateful thanks to a reader of the Scarborough News who contacted me after reading my letter in the paper asking if anyone could throw light on a photo of a Biplane flying boat in Scarborough harbour in the nineteen thirties. Adrian Morris said he had been to a talk by renowned historian Stuart Leslie some 20 years ago in which this subject came up.

Heritage tours were a great success.

Letter: Two fantastic heritage tours

My husband and I have just returned from two very interesting visits thanks to the Heritage Weekend events.

Alpamare is not run by the council.

Letters: Language that is not helpful

After reading the story in the Scarborough News about the new waterpark at North Bay I was a bit put out by the remarks of Cllr Andrew Jackson.

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Scarborough Spa Orchestra

Letter: Embrace the legendary Spa Orchestra

Scarborough has a lot to offer of which it can be justly proud.

Horse riders should clear mess too.

Letter: Horse riders should clean up too

In view of the fact that dog owners are now liable to clean up after their pooches, may I suggest that horse riders should do the same?

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The Friends group is always respectful of the people buried in the cemetery.

Letter: Friends group very respectful at cemetery during Heritage event

I would like to respond to the letter complaining about the use of Dean Road Cemetery for a Community Fair as part of Heritage Open Days.

Can anyone shed any light on mystery biplane visit to Scarborough?

Letters: Can anyone shed light on biplane?

I was saddened to hear of the death of Ross Tyson, a real sea dog and true Yorkshireman.

A big thank you to all NHS staff after hospital stay.

Letter: My hospital treatment was excellent

A big thank you to Scarborough Hospital.

There seems to be a lack of respect for the dead in some quarters.

Letter: Is there no respect for the dead anymore?

Call me old fashioned if you like but I have reached the sorry conclusion that there is no longer any respect for the dead in some quarters.

We feel neglected in Filey.

Letters: Filey is in need of some attention

Regarding the letter Apathy (Scarborough News, August 25).

It's time council put up 'Do Not Feed Seagulls' sign.

Letter: Do not feed the seagulls!

Can I suggest that the council put up the promised signs saying “Do Not Feed The Seagulls”.

Hospital stay was excellent.

Letter: My stay in hospital was faultless

I wanted to write about my recent experience as a patient at Scarborough Hospital.

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The Green Party disagree that nuclear power is the only option.

Letter: The benefits of renewable power

Scarborough Green Party members would like to thank Mr Wigglesworth for his letter in the paper last week.

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Grateful for charity bags.

Letters: Charity bags are essential for those who can’t get out as much

I was just reading about the letter regarding the build up of charity bags delivered through letter boxes.

Wouldnt it be possible for some of these utilities to work together and possibly keep down to a minimum the inconvenience to locals and traffic?

Letter: Roadworks uncontrolled

During the past few months the High Street on the A170 through Snainton has been dug up on at least 15 occasions with temporary traffic lights installed.

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Sea views are being blocked by trees.

Letter: Oliver’s Mount view blocked by trees

The other evening, I was dropping a resident off in Filey and the low sun made Bempton Cliff look spectacular, so I reversed the car and we walked to enjoy the view.

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There is no alternative to nuclear energy if you wish to keep the lights on, and the wheels of industry turning.

Letter: Nuclear is the only viable source of fuel

Re Time to use an alternative to nuclear energy (Scarborough News, August 4):

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To close this mental health facility down just does not make any sense whatsoever.

Letter: No sense in closing vital health facility

I am writing to say how very sad I am to hear about the mental health resource unit at 2 Trafalgar Square is said to be closing down in October.

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This vast, replacement RNLI building has cost millions of pounds of the general publics donations, and it is totally unnecessary.

Letter: Lot of money on unnecessary eyesore

So the wraps are finally off the new Lifeboat Shed. What an eyesore it is.

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