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Letter: Anti-fracking: no real public support

How well did the anti-fracking candidates do in the General Election?

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Concerns about the pavements from Stepney Road down Stepney Drive, Scarborough

Letter: Patched-up pavements are a disgrace in Stepney area

I would like to express my concern about the pavements from Stepney Road down Stepney Drive, Scarborough - they are an absolute disgrace for dirt, droppings from trees are never cleared up by the council.

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Scarborough Sports Village.

Letter: Thank you for our splendid new sports facility

I am a regular user of the Scarborough swimming pool, and would like to thank the council/Everyone Active for providing such a splendid facility for the town with the Sports Village and pool.

St Catherine's Hospice, Scarborough.

Letter: Carers week campaign highlights challenges

What do St Catherine’s Hospice do for carers?

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Harewood House care home, Scarborough.

Letter: Rating is not a fair reflection of caring team

Regarding the report on Harewood House being deemed inadequate (Scarborough News, June 8).

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Harewood House care home, Scarborough.

Letter: Saddened at report on Harewood House care home

Re Scarborough care home deemed ‘inadequate’ by health watchdog (Scarborough News, June 8).

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The Cinder Track is another much loved and cherished local asset, it belongs to the people.

Letter: Cherished Cinder Track must be protected

Re the proposals for the Cinder Track (Scarborough News, June 8).

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Thank you to all our volunteers.

Letter: Thank you to our wonderful volunteers

During National Volunteer Week, St Catherine’s held four volunteer summer celebrations to thank their volunteers for the time and support they give to the organisation.

Thanks for generosity at card swap event.

Letter: Faith restored in people’s kind generosity

I want to, through your letters page, thank two caring and generous ladies that I met at the Lego Card Swap event on Tuesday afternoon.

Family search for ancestor.

Letter: Request for any details on my ancestor William Ascough

I am the great grandson of Alderman William Ascough JP. He was also the mayor of Scarborough from 1909 to 1910.

Moving the two bus stands has increased the walk to the entrance of Eden Camp from 10 minutes to 20.

Letter: New locations of bus stops are a safety issue

In this modern day and age when central and regional government are keen to encourage the use of public transport, we are struggling to understand the logic behind the decision to relocate the bus stops on the A169/A64 junction.

Older people deserve better.

Letter: Older people deserve better

From the publication of the manifesto from the party most likely possibly to form the next government, it appears that once again an opportunity has been lost to properly address the social care crisis blighting this country.

Beach Boys concert was superb.

Letter: Superb music from the Beach Boys

On Wednesday, May 24, we went to the Open Air Theatre to see the Beach Boys.

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Thank you for the wonderful reception we received on our recent visit to Scarborough.

Letter: Visit to town was a dream come true

An appreciation of the hospitality of Scarborough from Alderman William Ascough’s great grandson:

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I hope that your story has an impact in the Scarborough area.

Letter: Well done to headteacher

Re your budget school cuts and the headteacher of Northstead Primary School, Mr Jackson (Scarborough News, May 11):

Council do not regard the public voice.

Letter: Opinions dismissed by leader

I attended last Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, as public toilets were on the agenda.

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Revert to the system used before managers got involved at GP surgeries.

Letter: Could longer opening hours relieve crisis?

Since the introduction of managers to run our health services we have staggered from crisis to crisis.

Councillors simply dont care what the public want.

Letter: Why can’t any public views be heeded?

We have confirmation of what we already knew - councillors simply don’t care what the public want.

Problems with TV signal has been going on for several weeks.

Letter: Digital viewing lacks vision

The peak television viewing period on Saturday (May 13) seemed to be affected by interference particularly about 7.30pm to 9pm mainly on ITV1 whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent and also later on BBC2 during Dad’s Army.

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Thank you to voters.

Letter: Thank you for voting for me

This is to thank those who voted for me in the Falsgrave and Stepney division.

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