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Letter: Wind and solar no match for nuclear power

It is of course very easy to blame the Government for granting licences to frack for gas to ensure the lights are kept on and the wheels of industry keep turning.

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It beggars belief that the Home Office has yet to send officials to Calais to identify and process cases as a matter of urgency.

Letter: Many at Calais still in need of vital assistance

Why are Robert Goodwill MP (Immigration Minister) and Amber Rudd continuing to ignore their responsibilities to the child refugees in Calais?

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Scarborough summer shows are a roaring success.

Letter: Summer shows are a roaring success

We would like to say a big thank you to Tony Peers Productions for putting on two great summer shows at the Spa Theatre again this year.

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Environment should be cleaned up.

Letter: Lessons from Llandudno ...

Section 87 Environmental Protection 1990 maximum penalty £2,500 for littering, includes deposit of food stuff, feeding gulls etc.

Gallows Close Centre has been shortlisted to receive one of three community grants.

Letter: Please vote for Gallows Close Centre

We are proud to announce that Gallows Close Centre has been short listed to receive one of three community grants.

Huntriss Row is an embarrassment. It indicates that the council would rather have empty shops and overcharge on business rates.

Letter: A council that has lost its way

As a resident of Scarborough I would like to voice my utter dismay and disappointment in the borough council.

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The council continues to deprive us officially of ongoing information regarding what is happening to the Futurist.

Letter: On the path of destruction

The council continues to deprive us officially of ongoing information regarding what is happening to the Futurist.

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It is time to pause, stop and think before the final decision is taken to demolish the Futurist.

Letter: Could more be done to save the Futurist theatre?

I am sure I am not alone in wanting Scarborough, as a town, to pause, stop and think before we make a final decision to demolish the Futurist and lose the building and the venue, forever.

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Avoid seagull attacks by not eating in the streets.

Letter: Eating in the street is asking for trouble

Reading the letters and articles in The Scarborough News recently, it appears that the majority of seagull attacks are on people eating in the street. Surely a simple way to avoid attacks is not to eat in the street.

Attacked by herring gull.

Letter: Address issues with the seagull nests and the eggs

A lady I know, walking a friend’s dog up our street, was viciously attacked by a herring gull which severely scratched her scalp.

Splattered in the town centre with seagull mess.

Letter: Had to return and change clothing

My husband and I on separate occasions have both been really splattered in the town centre with seagull mess.

Nesting gulls swooped down on us.

Letter: Gulls swooped as soon as we left house

Last year, 2015, we had seagulls nesting on our roof.

People should be the protected from abnormal behaviour of gulls.

Letter: Protect us from gulls’ fearless behaviour

Recently, on a neighbour’s bungalow roof, there were five young gulls with their parents.

A white/grey covering of seagull mess on top floor of NCP car park.

Letter: Has it been snowing recently?

Re the gull control:

Swooping seagull caused motorcyclist to fall off motorbike.

Letter: Swoop causes motorcyclist to topple off bike

Re the dangerous gull swoops:

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Gulls work together to snatch food.

Letter: Gulls working in tandem to snatch food

Re the gull menace on Scarborough seafront:

Gull population is decimating pond life.

Letter: Gull boom is decimating pond life

Myself and my other half, Janice, were victims of a gull attack alongside Whitby Harbour. Janice was taking a pizza slice lunch when a gull swooped and took the slice in one swoop - with such force that the downward draught from its wings partially dislodged my glasses.

Surprised that some people let seagulls nest on their roofs.

Letter: Extra cost to clean gull mess from home

I moved to Filey in 2014 from York. I was very surprised that some people let seagulls nest on their roofs.

Council did not test public safety legislation.

Letter: The council can act to protect people over gull problem

I would like to pass on my thanks to Kevin Hollinrake MP for ascertaining the government’s view on whether a seagull cull would be allowed as published in last week’s Scarborough News. His intervention followed my passing on complaints from a Hunmanby resident who expressed concerns about the state of Huntriss Row in Scarborough. I would also like to thank Cllr Bill Chatt for being willing to listen when I forwarded on the complaint. For the record, her complaint pre-dated your newspaper articles calling for action on these matters.

Council very inept at carrying through their promises over gull problem.

Letter: Council fails to listen to anyone over gull problem

Re the council’s failed promises on the gull dangers:

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