12-minute trip turned into 40 on bus service

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ONE Sunday recently I went on the Park and Ride bus from Seamer Road to the town centre.

We went up Seamer Road, turned on to Queen Margaret’s Road to the traffic lights at the junction with Filey Road and sat there for nearly 20 minutes because of the ridiculous phasing of the traffic lights and the volume of traffic coming down Filey Road and into town. A journey which should take 12 minutes took nigh on 40 minutes.

There were visitors to the town on the bus stating that they would probably not bother coming to Scarborough again because the Park and Ride was such a shambles and parking in town (which the Park and Ride was supposed to ease) was virtually non-existent and expensive if you could get parked.

I asked the bus driver why the bus had to go up Queen Margaret’s Road and down Filey Road, going through three sets of traffic lights and one pedestrian crossing, and adding to the already existing congestion on Filey Road instead of continuing along Seamer Road and turning off to go down under the railway arch and down through the Valley to the Aquarium Top roundabout, thus having to go through only one set of traffic lights.

The answer I was given was that the council set the route.

Barry Josey

Newby Farm Road