Better job in the 1950s

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When I was a lad the main road I lived on connected the two cities of Sheffield and Doncaster with the A1 which at that time was the road to London.

One day a lorry load of what was called navvies in those days turned up and started to dig up the pavement and laid a new cable about two inches thick the full length of the road (about a mile and a half) also spurring off down side streets to provide power to houses that were then lit by gas (this would be about 1955), they did this with a compressor and picks and shovels. They did not close off any of the road just the footpath, we just walked on the other side, the traffic, which even in those days was quite considerable, was not disrupted in any way, the same fellows filled in the hole behind them and the job took about three months and apart from the line of asphalt you would not know they had been.

These blokes did a better job with the tools they had, than the people today can do with all the machinery at their disposal, so let’s have more work and less looking into the hole.

Mike Vaughan

Woodall Ave