Calling all Woodhalls

While staying in Scarborough recently to research my family tree, I was very impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of all the traders and residents I met. Despite scouring every archive source available I could not find the link I needed to go back another generation, but wondered if any of your readers could help me.

I know that my great great grandfather Isaac was born in 1811, the son of Robert and Mary Woodall – but I have records for two Roberts who both married a Mary, in 1802 and 1809. Does anyone have any addresses to link Isaac to his rightful parents?

I know that by 1837 Isaac had come to Holyhead in Anglesey and married a local girl, but I don’t know what he did until then, or why or how he came to Wales.

I have a lot of details about a lot of people, but am having great difficulty in linking them together. If any Woodalls are tracing their trees I would be happy to share my records, and delighted to hear from anyone who has any information or suggestion. My family tree jigsaw with such an important piece missing is so frustrating.

Ted Woodall

14 Glantraeth Valley

Anglesey LL65 3AN

(01407) 740026