Dog owners ruin trip to the beach

WE HIRED a chalet on Scarborough North Bay on Sunday, and had a very pleasant time, but I have to say that it was very nearly ruined by the number of dogs that were on the beach throughout the day.

In a period of two hours from about 12.30pm to 2.30pm, I counted nine dogs, all freely running around (ie not even on leads) in the restricted area in front of the chalets, I thought this was quite disgraceful.

I had words with two owners and sent them packing, one being apologetic and saying that he wasn’t from around here, but definitely one other owner was, as I recognised him. He would no doubt know all about the ban but seemingly couldn’t care less.

There were no signs on the beach at all (which I saw last summer) informing dog owners that that part of the beach in front of the chalets is a restrict area.

The council run warden service is completely inadequate to deal with the scale of this enormous minority of selfish dog owners who seem to just do what they want, when they want with their animals,

Scarborough’s councillors just sit on their hands whenever this issue crops up - the council says it is short of money - it could fill its coffers on such days as this by enforcing the ban and fining those responsible.

This situation simply does not arise on family beaches abroad, and should not happen in this country either. The council needs to act very firmly and very quickly on this issue, or one of it’s greatest assets will be off limits to non dog owning locals and visitors alike.

Mick Jones