Fine ... we won’t return

MY wife and I have been taking short breaks in Scarborough. This September we stayed at the Grand Hotel and on arrival we parked outside and checked into our room. When I returned to my car to arrange a parking ticket I noted that a £50 Penalty Charge Notice had been issued. My fault entirely, I should have bought a parking ticket as soon as we arrived.

However I cannot help but feel that Scarborough Borough Council is not entirely welcoming to visiting motorists. The town is awash with double yellow lines, the little parking to be found is very time restricted and expensive – not at all helpful to elderly shoppers such as my wife and myself.

We are told by residents that the council makes a tremendous amount of money in penalty charges and parking fees and simply sees motorists as a source of revenue. My wife and I will not return to Scarborough. Instead we will look for a resort with a more welcoming and accommodating attitude.

J Woollard




West Yorkshire