Generating too much noise

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LAST SUMMER we came up to our caravan at Burnside for numerous holiday breaks, only to have the peace broken from dusk to 5am by a burger bar parked in the lay-by opposite our caravan, on the park near the road.

We had the generator noise, also cars and lorries parked, doors slamming, raised voices.

We came up again this month due to the mild weather, and still have to put up with this noise level.

We wouldn’t have bought the caravan here on the park knowing what we have had to put up with, we would have bought one on the A64.

Are beefburger vans paying council tax and tax to the inland revenue?

There’s a shop and cafe just up the road and other cafes and out-lets in the North Bay who pay taxes.

We pay over £2,000 for our season on the park on Coastal Road, we would like this burger bar to be stopped, if only for the noise level to cease.

Mr and Mrs Butcher

Paddock Way


Nr Sheffield