On the right track for safe family fun

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I rode my mountain bike slowly around the new BMX track at Barrowcliff (Evening News, December 15) and was delighted to see the development of yet another play space along the Cinder Track alongside Safe Ways Park, Manor Road Park, Gallows Close and Newby Farm.

All of them are readily accessible to young people and their families without having to deal with the dangers of traffic and they all encourage everyday physical activity and independent mobility.

However, going a little further north, the same cannot be said of the entrance from the Cinder Track to the newly located rugby club.

Even when this development was at the planning stage we stressed the advantages that could come from creating a quality entrance from the Cinder Track.

Not only would there be fewer demands on their car park, but they would also end up with a generation of younger players who were likely to be fitter and more independent simply because they were in the habit of getting around under their own steam.

Instead, what was installed was the narrow, muddy, barbed-wire bordered ditch that I carefully slithered up before finding myself in an overflowing car park. Let’s hope that Scarborough’s youngsters, and some of the grown ups, will soon be able to add yet another readily accessible play space to the list.

Andy Sharp

Chairman of the Friends of the Old Railway.

Alexandra Park