Plane’s cliff top bounce

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seventy years ago I shared “digs” with the then editor in Albemarle Crescent with many others, I worked at Wm Rowntree’s superstore just diagonally opposite on Westborough.

In my dotage the names of fellow employees occur to me Betty Gamble, Bertha Howard, Marion Morris, Hilda Gibson, Percy Pickles, Tommy Wanless, Jimmy Dunn. If any still live my compliments and best wishes to them.

I know that Jimmy Dunn died when in the Gambia in the war. I attended his wedding to Marion Phoeby Morris in the spring (May?) of 1937 or 1938 and I know that a son was born to them named Rodney who can have little memory of my pal, his dad.

I joined the Scarborough Rugby Club, Jimmy played for Scarborough Juniors. He was a scout. We both made model aeroplanes.

We sneaked out to watch the King’s Cup Air Race at the turning point near the castle and saw one of the planes bounce off the cliff top into the sea.

Ah! Days of youth.

A Donovan Gravely

Una Avenue