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I am researching the history of Little Salkeld, a village in Cumbria, near Penrith, and am also interested in its parish of Addingham. I have come across extracts in the local parish magazine taken from a diary kept by Miss Holmes of White House (now Dene House) in Little Salkeld in about 1850. I have also come across a mention of the same diary in the Friends (Quaker) Library on Euston Road in London, which says that the ‘original diary is in the possession of Mrs Wallis and Mrs Hart (nee Holmes), Scarborough’. I am very keen to read this diary as it seems to mention many local people and events. Can any of your readers help me track it down, or provide any further clues as to the identity of Mrs Wallis and Mrs Hart? I can be contacted on the address below.

Lydia Gray

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