Visit: Not a pretty site...

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Apart from trips to Oliver’s Mount to watch the motorcycle racing, it is many years since I visited Scarborough town centre. Together with two European friends, both unfamiliar with England’s seaside resorts, we made the journey to Scarborough.

Our starting point was the railway station, making our way down Westborough toward the beach.

My initial impression was how filthy the street was.

Wall to wall litter, fast food wrappers, cans, drinks containers etc and a carpet of cigarette ends.

It appeared some time has passed since any cleaning had occurred.

The situation worsened as we walked down the hill, a rash of tacky souvenir shops, poorly maintained and unpainted buildings, a general air of neglect. No respite was forthcoming when eventually we arrived at the seafront. A vista of dirty sand beginning at the lifeboat station, plus a litter-strewn beach. There were bins for rubbish but these were full to overflowing.

I was embarrassed for my European companions, whose home towns are swept and washed down every night and the beaches are cleaned and raked at first light.

The North Yorkshire coast does have places of outstanding beauty. It was my mistake to choose that part of Scarborough for our visit.

John Colledge