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RE; COUNCILLORS should see bigger issues:

I should like to thank Mr Jackman for his letter (Scarborough Evening News January 19) in which he agrees with me, and many others, that establishing the Seamer Horse Fair on its new site might bring to an end the chaos that this event has caused since 2007.

Although the new site is not perfect by any means it is at least better than the ludicrous alternatives put forward by the Council in previous years such as the grass verges on Stony Haggs Road.

The cost of preparing and administering this site and others was, as he points out, not alluded to in Mr Doer’s earlier letter but was very high and of course was borne by us the ratepayers and those who thought of it should hang their heads in shame.

Furthermore, while on the subject of thanks, I should like to take this opportunity to thank the great many people who took the trouble to contact me expressing their support for my view that continuing this event, via some ancient Charter is nonsense.

On the wider issues alluded to in Mr Jackman’s letter, I should also like to add my support to his sentiments. I totally agree with him that the administration which took control of the council in 2007, and indeed the previous administration, has failed in very many respects to administer and promote our town adequately.

Indeed as he points out why is our new multi-million pound business park virtually empty? What is the future for our fishing industry? Without support from the council, which seems to have been sadly lacking in recent years, it might well die.

The decision to allow a new superstore to be built is wrong on so many levels. It will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on our existing retailers and may well result in our town centre becoming a wasteland. Traffic congestion in the heart of town will inevitably increase making life for the residents who live in the area unbearable.

Moreover, why spend millions of pounds on a Park and Ride and then allow a superstore to open in the town centre with a huge car park and a four lane petrol station; built with the specific purpose of attracting cars into the town?

As Mr Jackman says, and a sentiment I agree with, being a councillor involves much more than the micro-management of a single local issue it requires seeing the bigger picture, actively addressing problems, and then finding sensible and cost effective solutions to solve them.

Like Mr Jackman I would be much more inclined to consider as a suitable candidate, in the May elections, someone who had views and policies on the wider issues that affect the whole of Scarborough rather than on someone who focuses on policies which never seem to help the many only the few at the top.

Roxanne Murphy