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SO the Beeb wants to give the good Dr Rock what’s colloquially known as ‘the bum’s rush,’ just in case you think that’s a rude expression, it’s really a technical term for a method of getting a horse in a horse box; two people (men, usually) link arms behind a horse’s bottom and guide it up a ramp.

Charles White has been my friend for many years, since he came into Bernard Dean Ltd., where I worked happily for over a decade, asking if I’d heard of someone called Ry Cooder. Of course I had and I’ve been happy to share my own fairly extensive knowledge with him any time since.

I went one day with Chas to what was then known as Radio Tees, up in Stockton, where the special and brilliant producer/DJ, Alistair Pirrie (The Big P) recorded Chas’s demo, which subsequently helped him get noticed, rightly. At the same time, I did one and got a trip to Radio One out of it, where it was suggested I might deputise for John Peel when he took his holidays; you can see who got the better deal. I also had to walk home from Loftus on a very foggy and wet night, wearing a fake fur coat and carrying a heavy bag of records with only a packet of cigarettes for company, a scary experience brought thankfully to an end by a kindly car-driving potash miner, on his way home from a late shift at Boulby.


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