Boro chief backs ticket price hike

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SCARBOROUGH Athletic chairman Dave Holland has backed the decision to add an extra pound onto entry prices.

Boro will now charge £7 for fans to enter their home games, which is £2 more than all but one of the NCEL Premier’s other clubs.

Concessions will move up to £4, though the rise will only kick in at the beginning of October.

Holland said: “After we announced the annual deficit of £9,000 in July, we said that we promised more robust action.

“We acted to bring in financial experts Brian Wilcox, Stuart Keith and Peter Salvage, who are helping us because as a board we are just enthusiastic amateurs.

“Yes it is part-way into the season, but after we looked at the situation, we decided that we had to raise funds. Due to the fact that we don’t have our own ground and we have limited ways of fund-raising, this was the only option.

“Only if we are suffering badly after this we will look at squad expenditure.

“If you start cutting back on the squad, you end up with a weak team and nobody comes to watch. That way things spiral out of control.

“We have to look at growth. You can either be a popular board or one that makes the tough decisions.

“When we get back into Scarborough I want a club for fans to support, not one crawling on its knees.”