Holdsworths seal pairs merit success

Runners-up David and Jean Roscoe, who lost out to the victors Sue and Billy Holdsworth (right)
Runners-up David and Jean Roscoe, who lost out to the victors Sue and Billy Holdsworth (right)

Hunmanby BC staged a pairs merit event on the excellent playing surface of its Sands Lane green and spectators were rewarded by some thrilling contests.

Forty one pairs took part and in the quarter-finals Sue and Billy Holdsworth (Dukes Park) beat Kevin Gates (Whitby) and Jan Hadden (Borough) while Hunmanby’s Phil Todd and Jenny Richards beat clubmates Shirley Lightfoot and Neil Ledingham

In the other quarter-finals David and Jean Roscoe (Bridlington Bay) beat Alan Landers (Whitby) and Penny Gosling (Borough) and Hunmanby’s Harry Old and Betty Wild beat clubmates Steve Freer and Pam Watson.

The semis proved to be exciting affairs. The Holdsworths won through 21-16 against Todd and Richards, thanks to four consecutive successful strikes by Billy to deny their rivals nine points. And the Roscoes progressed with a nail-biting 21-20 success against Old and Wild.

With the temperature dropping, the five-on-the-card final was something of an “After the Lord Mayor’s show” event. The Holdsworths ran out 21-8 victors as the Roscoes failed to get into their stride.

On Sunday there will be the first of the new season’s singles merit competitions, with a 9.30am start at Dukes Park BC.

The start of the crown green Evening Singles League programme saw North Cliff 1 and Whitby 1 in a keenly fought division one clash at the Alexandra Gardens.

Both teams won four games with Whitby taking the honours 134-133.

The big margin wins were by Derrick Swift 21-9 for Cliff and by Geoff Watson 21-4 for Whitby.

Bridlington Bay 2 enjoyed a 148-131 success when away to Borough 3. Best returns were Steve Bell’s 21-8 for Borough and S Dell’s 21-7 for Bay.