BARNSLEY frontman Michael Coulson is backing Scarborough Academy's successful under-19 starlets to go on and make a name for themselves.

Coulson was skipper of the Scarborough FC under-19s team that won the Northern Alliance League title in 2004, a feat matched by the town's current crop of youngsters this season.

The 21-year-old former Scarborough FC player went on to gain a switch to Championship side Barnsley in 2006, and Coulson feels that a similar move could await some of the present-day Academy squad.

He said: "They look to be a good bunch of lads. I have seen them once or twice this season and they have impressed me.

"I got the breaks when I was their age because I was linked with Scarborough FC so I had a bigger club to move into before I joined Barnsley.

"It is obviously going to be difficult for them, but if they keep plugging away I'm sure a number of them have the quality to progress.

"It would be great to see some of those lads moving on and helping Scarborough Athletic or Scarborough Town through the leagues."

Mitch Cook, who coached Coulson at under-19s and is in charge of the current team, said: "Michael was easily one of our best products after starting with us at the age of nine and it has been tremendous to watch his progress up the league system.

"He is friends with a lot of the present Scarborough Town players and he has been doing some of his rehab work with us.

"It is brilliant for the lads, especially the younger ones, to train alongside somebody like Michael. It can only be good for them."