A taste of the cookies on offer...

42nd East Bakehouse opens New York-style bakery in Scarborough

A popular bakery has opened its latest store in Scarborough following sensational demand.

Owner Lee Edwards said the business started two years ago on Instagram with people asking to buy his home-made treats.

Lee said: “We hope to wow the people of Scarborough, we’ve had loads of requests to come to Scarborough on Instagram."

The independent bakery is opening its fifth shop, with other locations in Leeds, Beverly, Helmsley, and Lincoln.

The "fun, fresh and home-made" bakery offers cookies, cakes, croissants and more with fresh deliveries made every morning.

Guests can sit in with a coffee or take their mouth-watering delight away with them.

Bespoke cookie cones and homemade gelato will soon be available at the Scarborough store.

“We’ve probably bucked the trend, we’re always trying to evolve and be innovative,” said Lee. The business opened two new stores between lockdowns, and now its latest on the seafront.

42nd East Bakehouse, located at the bottom of Eastborough opposite West Pier, is open Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

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