Poundland stores dish out donations as a VE-Day thank-you

Poundland stores across the country will be paying a tribute to the heroes of yesterday and today as the nation prepares to celebrate VE Day.

Poundland in Westborough, Scarborough
Poundland in Westborough, Scarborough

Poundland has stores in Westborough, Scarborough, The Promenades, Bridlington, and Flowergate, Whitby.

They will be making donations to charities, nursing homes, hospitals and other care organisations in local communities.

The stores will be supplying thousands of free items and customers can join in by adding their own items to the donations.

Each store will choose which local organisations to give to and colleagues will distribute them once the donations have been counted on Friday.

Poundland stores and their generous customers gave more than 100,000 Easter eggs to charities, hospitals and key workers over Easter.

Austin Cooke, Poundland’s retail director, said: “This is our opportunity to say thank you to those people who did so much for the country 75 years ago and to those looking after us now. We hope it will brighten up their days and put a smile on their faces.”