New Health Pod venue in Bridlington targeting aches and pains the natural way

A new business in Bridlington is targeting aches, pain and lack of mobility the natural way.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th August 2021, 7:35 am
Owner Steven Boston at the recently opened The Health Pod.
Owner Steven Boston at the recently opened The Health Pod.

Steven Boston recently opened The Health Pod and is now sharing the process with the people of Bridlington and across East Yorkshire.

The Health Pod, which is located opposite the Cenotaph at 14 Wellington Road, offers sessions that provides Physical Vascular therapy from BEMER.

It’s a pulsed elctro magnetic field device and ‘is easy for clients to come and enjoy in a relaxing recliner’.

Mr Boston said eight minutes of therapy can last up to 12 hours of benefits to people’s microcirculation.

Mr Boston said: “BEMER Physical Vascular therapy has been around for 23 years in Europe and offers tremendous health benefits by simply sitting in a relaxing armchair on the full body mat (BBody) for just eight minutes.

“This German medical device delivers gentle non-invasive therapy (PEMF) that is 100% natural.

“It’s been used by athletes and NASA to aid repair and recovery of muscle tissue and relieve toxins from the body.

“Clients (young and old) have had relief from back problems, shoulder and tennis elbow complaints, neck stiffness, arthritis in hands, aching feet, Achilles tendon injury, aching knee/sports injury, muscle strains, post-surgery and broken bones.

“It also helps many clients with improved energy levels, mental focus, better sleep, digestive concerns and more.”

Call Mr Boston on 07533 361421 for more information about The Health Pod.