Scarborough firm appeals for businesses to donate unneeded safety glasses and PPE to GPs

A Scarborough firm has appealed to other businesses in the town to donate any unused PPE to GPs in the town to help protect them during the coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesman for Unison Engineers, based at the industrial estate in Eastfield, said: "We all have spares and some of the GP surgeries haven't got anything."

So far alongside Unison, Scarborough Window Centre and Wolds Engineering Services have donated stocks of PPE.

Last week a local GP posted an appeal on Facebook asking for donations of face visors for GPs and community nurses.

Stock image. Getty Images.

Beverley Moorhouse, a community nurse, shared the appeal with the director of Unison, Alan Pickering, prompting the firm to donate its own unneeded safety glasses and then put out its appeal calling on others to do the same.

Beverly said: "It is very good of local businesses to offer their support at this difficult time, especially when many of them are struggling themselves to keep their business going.

"It shows real community spirit and a willingness for businesses and healthcare providers to pull together to protect one another and save lives."