Scarborough's Premier Inn expansion one step closer to being completed

Scarborough's Premier Inn expansion plan.
Scarborough's Premier Inn expansion plan.

As work progresses on extending Scarborough’s Premier Inn hotel into the town’s former Constitution Club, another stage of the process has been completed.

Scarborough Council has agreed to how the new signs on the building will look once the expansion work has been completed.

Planning permission was granted for the third time in 2017 by the council to turn the building, known locally as the Con Club, into a 90-bedroom extension to the town’s existing Premier Inn, located in Falconer’s Road.

Approval for the demolition of the building was originally granted in 2015 but, due to rising development costs, the plans were changed for a second time before demolition work on the building in Huntriss Row began.

Work was forced to stop abruptly in January 2017 when heritage groups were successful in having the front of the building Grade II Listed; much of the rear of the property had already been demolished.

Plans to transform the now listed building were passed in May of the same year.

Late last year work to create the extension finally restarted.

Premier Inn then applied to Scarborough Council to secure permission to put its signs on the building once it has been completed.

Following a consultation period and no objections that permission has now been granted.

The extension of the Premier Inn, which will also add an extra storey to the Constitutional Club, will increase the capacity of the hotel to approximately 190, an increase of 90.