UK Flavour delivered on hand sanitiser shortage solution to help fellow businesses and community during pandemic

As a manufacturer of flavours and concentrates for the food, drink and e-liquid industries, a local firm found itself well-placed to help the community when the pandemic struck.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 1:45 pm
Staff at UK Flavour created a hand sanitiser when there were shortages during the Covid pandemic.
Staff at UK Flavour created a hand sanitiser when there were shortages during the Covid pandemic.

A shortage of hand sanitiser from regular suppliers prompted Bridlington-based UK Flavour to act and produce its own alternative on-site. Not only to help ensure the safety of staff, this solution was also distributed to other businesses in the community.

Using the World Health Organization’s formula, the business produced hand sanitiser alongside its regular production of flavours and concentrates.

As well as UK Flavour staff and neighbouring businesses, Bridlington’s various medical centres were also offered supplies of the sanitiser.

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Each batch took around 15 minutes to make.

Darren Armitage, founder and director, said: “It all started when a few of our fellow businesses mentioned that they couldn’t get hold of any hand sanitiser during the first lockdown.

“We also had our own shortage, but one of our flavourists realised that we had all the raw materials on-site, so we decided to produce our own. It was great to do our bit for the community and it’s definitely something we’d do again if necessary.”

Josh Alford, analytical lab manager, said: “The trickiest part was finding a formulation that felt right on the skin. The WHO recommends a high alcohol content of over 70%, which can dry out your hands.

“We combatted this by including a small amount of MCT oil, which is a major component of coconut oil and a well-known moisturiser. By taking extra care, we produced a quality substance that was both effective and kinder to the skin.”

UK Flavour has operated out of Bessingby Industrial Estate since 2015. It’s subsidiary companies include BigJuice UK and Canevolve.