Fisker reveals details of Emotion luxury electric saloon

Fisker reveals details of Emotion luxury electric saloon
Fisker reveals details of Emotion luxury electric saloon

The Emotion should have a 400-mile range

Henrik Fisker has unwrapped his latest electric saloon, with the Emotion aiming for the luxury class with an interior cabin roughly the same size as in a Mercedes S-Class. Given the exterior dimensions are more Tesla Model S – like the performance data – and given that the exterior lines are more performance coupe, this could be quite a package.

Carbon fibre and aluminium used throughout should keep the weight low, making the claimed top speed of 161mph believable. The doors open upwards, with the ‘butterfly’ doors controlled by the driver’s smartphone if the passengers can’t actually use the handles for some reason.

Inside there are screens everywhere. There’s one in front of the driver for digital dials, with a curved infotainment screen on top of the dashboard and a third screen, more like an iPad, below it. Should you not want to actually drive the car then you will be able to buy a Chauffeur Edition which has, among other upgrades, a curved 27in screen in the rear so you can watch that instead of the back of your chauffeur’s head or hat.

Even if you do fancy driving the car, there are five LiDAR sensors on board which means there’s level 4 autonomous capability, which is high. With data processed in real time, there should be no delays in the car’s reaction times – unlike the driver’s.

As befits a modern car, you can have a full leather interior but there’s also a non-animal material used in another version for those who like to knit their own shoes.

As standard, the Fisker Emotion should have a range of 400 miles, but Fisker is also showing its solid-state battery technology, the next technology for batteries, and that could extend the range to over 500 miles with a charge time for a reasonable range of only about one minute.

Car production starts next year but we won’t see any for a year after that. American prices are going to start from $129,000, which is about £96,000, but we don’t yet know what the UK prices will be like.

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